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Graduate Teachers Postings – Where are the postings GES?

Graduate Teachers Postings

Graduate teachers postings for the 2020 financial year have ended up being another unfulfilled promise once again to the timing-well-trained teachers ready to serve mother Ghana.

The teachers who specialized in Education related programs in our public universities have been short-changed again.
Per what GES communicated to the graduates who wanted recruitment with Ghana Education Service, it looks very impossible now that these teachers from our public universities will ever be posted in 2020.
The emphatic statements by the Ghana Education Service that postings will not be later than 31st December 2020 gave hope.
However, it has been another hopeless year because that promise is technically impossible now.
The financial clearance that the Ministry of Finance issued to that effect is also expiring since today is the last day of the year and comes to an end in about 7 hours.
Now we are a few hours away from this expiring date (31/12/20) which will render the financial clearance useless. Technically, the Ghana Education Service has closed for the day’s work and it is past 5 pm on 31st December 2020.
In a country where teachers trained in Colleges of Education are preferred to Graduate Teachers trained in universities, it is clear that if you are a brilliant SHS student who intends to become a professional teacher and one employed by the GES, you must head towards the Colleges of Education and not the universities.
It’s past 5 pm, the Graduate Teachers Postings never happened. GES, WHERE ARE THE POSTINGS?
Graduate teachers must look forward to 2021 with faint hope but remain resolute and united if they are to be given any attention.
The Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education must make conscious efforts to employ these teachers in 2021.

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