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High-Quality Backlinks for Blogs and how to build them

High-Quality Backlinks

High-Quality Backlinks make great websites. A backlink is a link that serves are a connection from another site to your website. Such links drive some form of traffic to your site.  If readers on the other site click on the link to find out more about the content, you get a visit.


In blogging and website traffic, Backlinks are also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links because they bring in traffic from other sites right onto yours.

In our write-up Why building backlinks is great for websites in 2021 we shared some useful information you would love to look at after reading this content.

Backlinks are important to SEO, but we must put on record that quality backlinks are better than quantity. Let us now get to the basics as we discuss the features of powerful high-quality backlinks.

Features of Powerful High-Quality Backlinks for Blogs

5 Features of Powerful High-Quality Backlinks for Blogs

In this article, we present to you 5 features of powerful high-quality backlinks for blogs that want to rank high based on their backlinks.

1. The backlink makes mention of your keywords in its anchor text

A link to your website is more useful to you if it contains keywords or a phrase that you are ranking for.

In case a blog links back to with uses of “Backlinks in blogging” it will help the website a lot. This is because there are contents related to the keyword phrase on our site. This is a potential anchor text which will help rank higher on the keyword.

If the anchor text varies but contains the keyword or phrase, it helps the site gain credibility and authority.

2. The page on which the backlink is should be relevant

The relevance of the page that is linking to your website is key. The better the page quality, the higher the returns from the link. When the pages with the backlinks are not related, it affects your website’s ranking negatively.

If you get a lot of unrelated pages linking back to your website, you may soon lose ranking.

Sadly, it is difficult to manually tell which links are bad, especially when other websites are building backlinks anyhow without knowing the implications on their sites and yours.

How do you tell if the page linking to your website is related?.

If the content on the page on which your URL has been linked through the anchor text contains information that is somehow related to your page and site, then that is a safe and a good backlink to be happy about.

3. The backlink must only connect to the relevant page on your website

It is possible to have a high-ranking website providing you free backlinks but with a wrong and irrelevant page on your site.

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Backlinks are great if they link to the most relevant page on your site.

If the link deals with Search Engine Optimization, the link must connect to your website’s page on the same topic. Without this, a poor link will be created which will hurt your website.

A good match means the content on your website on the subject matter is also relevant to readers.

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4. The backlink must come from an authority site

An authority site is any website of high reputation for quality content, information, and relevant answers to questions.

Such sites may often be old and contain several useful information for readers and content is shared nearly often on the site.

When your site gets links from these websites, it can go along way to increase your google ranking.  SEOprofiler has link-building tools purposely for helping website owners to test the authority of websites linking back to them.

5. Good backlink sites must not have nofollow tags on the page

A nofollow tag is a tag used by some publishers or website which instructs search engines not to count some links.

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This prevents other pages from being seen and ranked by search engines.

Thus, it tells search engines that the content they have linked to is not useful.

When this is not, search engines will not follow the link, and also such backlinks do not rank in search engines as well.

Now that we have understood these 5 features of powerful high-quality backlinks for blogs, you can apply them. You have understood the usefulness of backlinks.

Again, you can leverage your knowledge to learn more and develop your blog to become useful and rank higher.

With the knowledge shared, we have no doubt that you can start your high-quality backlinks for your blogs journey and use the tips given to guide you.



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