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HOT! BECE BDT Likely Questions For Tomorrow; Try Your Hands On Them (1st SET)

BECE BDT Likely Questions

Congratulations to every candidate that took our predicted questions seriously. Both the Social Studies and the ICT dropped from some of our predicted questions. Here, we have our well-analyzed predicted BECE BDT questions you have to try your hands on before tomorrow.

BECE BDT Likely Questions

A. Style features of a garment

B. Functions of the collar

C. Dishes that are easily contaminated

D. Methods of drawing objects in pictorial views

E. Causes of weakness in wooden chairs

F. Use of each of the following elements;

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a) Color b) Texture c) Shape d) Space

G. Define nutrients with examples

H. Differentiate between the open seam and a closed seam

I. What is food spoilage?

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Make sure to solve these questions whilst you revise your notebooks and text b looks along. The second set of the BDT questions will be released after our thorough analysis. Mathematics drops in a few hours’ time, make sure to stay active on this site and share this article with your other candidates as well.


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