How To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim In US | Easy Steps

How To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim In US

It is for the best that we insure our homes, cars, and bodies from all sort of unforeseen natural disasters and problems but when these disasters does happen, then one can file a homeowners insurance claim. In this article, I will guide you on how to file a homeowners insurance claim.

1. Get All The Information At Hand

If a disaster does occur, make sure to contact your insurance company at that moment. Some insurance companies like Nationwide Insurance are available 24/7 and can be reachable any time of the day as well. Make sure to contact your insurance company in 0rder to guide you file your claim. Make sure to have the following at hand at the time of call:

  • Name of your agent
  • Insurance policy number
  • Active contact to be contacted

2. Be Curious And Ask Questions

To confirm you deductible form the Insurance company make sure to ask them these questions the moment you call and if you have to relocate as soon as possible as well, alert them.

3. Gather Correct Contact Information

You should be able to pen down the following whiles going through the claiming process:

  • Names of agents spoken to
  • Their respective titles
  • Contact information
  • Short summary of the conversation on the phone
  • The date and time of conversation

Make sure not to limit these details to only the agents of the insurance company rather include any law enforcement agents, and government officials as well.

4. Damaged Items

You should also take photos of the damaged items right before the repair process. Make sure you do all the necessary estimates of losses and damages in the home. The prices of items that were damaged should be checked.

5. Temporary Repairs

If you can repair any of the damaged items such as the door or window make sure you do that temporary to prevent any damage afterwards. This should be done temporary upon the insurance claim and be fixed permanently after the claim.

6. Expenses

Make sure not to limit yourself to only the damaged items but rather your living expenses in case you need to relocate. Be able to understand your policy details with the insurance company and have a fair idea on the limitations of the insurance as well.

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