How To Make Your Virgin Clean And Smelling Good?

The Virgin is a self-cleaning organ in the female body. Some people recommend the use of feminine washes and other products for cleaning the virgin area but I bet to differ. let’s look deep into that in this article, we will look at how to clean your virgin and leave it smelling good. Men like the good smell.

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In Summary

  • What is the normal smell of the Virgin?
  • How to keep your Virgin clean?
  • What can you use to make your virgin smell good?
  • Is it good to use soap to clean your virgin?
  • Causes of itchy and smelly virgin

What is the normal smell of the Virgin?

The vagi*** is the reproductive system of a female. The natural smell of the vagina is scentless if you clean the area well. It does have a flowery scent, nasty or repulsive as most people would presume. Sweat can also cause a smell in the vagina.

You need to change your undies when you sweat and it leaves them wet. The vagina naturally produces a colorless discharge which can be watery and stretchy during ovulation. These vagina discharges are scentless and it is normal in every woman.

How to keep your Virgin clean?

The virgin area releases a normal discharge which cleans the entire organ. As said earlier the Virgin is self-cleaning so you don’t need to worry so much about buying products to keep it clean. When the vagina discharge comes with an odor then it could mean a lot of things.

It means that you may have a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis (BV). This vagina infection is not sexually transmitted. If you are experiencing such an odor, there is no need to panic just see your doctor.

Let me share a few tips on how to keep your virgin clean

  • You need to bathe every day
  • Avoid douching
  • Avoid using sprays to cover up the odor
  • Just water for washing the vagi*** is enough.
  • Avoid the use of harsh chemicals
  • You can also try bath salts
How To Make Your Virgin Clean And Smelling Good?

What can you use to make your virgin smell good?

Naturally, everybody has their vagina smell and it shouldn’t be anything repulsive or nasty. The vagina just has a natural scent. There are a few tips you can do just to make your virgin smell fresh.

  • You need to understand your body and where the odor is coming from.
  • There are a lot of sweat and oil glands down there so if you noticed that you are sweating or you feel extra funky there then it is because of these sweat glands.
  • Naturally, if things are not being kept clean down there, then you are going to have a smell.
  • Make sure you are changing out of sweaty and wet clothes as soon as possible; you don’t want to sit in the seat for too long because that can just hold bacteria.
  • Do not use soap inside your virgin but use soap.
  • Use a washcloth by dipping it into warm water then clean your virgin.
  • Shave regularly because the area needs air
  • Wear cotton underwear. Cotton is very important and it allows everything to breathe down there, it also dries quickly when wet.
  • Have an extra pair of underwear on you every time.
  • You can also take probiotics to prevent UTIs and other infections.
  • You can also sleep without underwear or lose underwear or maybe loose pants because the virgin area needs a lot of air to prevent bacterial infections.
  • If you are sexually active, you need to pee after sex and before sex but most especially after sex.
  • You have to get some alcohol-free wipes
  • You can put perfume on your body after the lotion. You can put the perfume on your belly button, around your arms, and your neck area.
  • You can use a natural deodorant around the virgin area, not in the V. You can put it around your thighs.
  • Before sex, you need to clean up by using a wipe to clean the whole area to make sure that the place is fresh before you get into it.
  • Make sure to change your tampons and pads regularly.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Eat more fruits
  • Eat healthy foods


Is it good to use soap to clean your virgin?

Soaps are essential for bathing but you don’t need to use them inside your virgin area. Avoid scrubbing inside your vagina area with soap. Soaps can irritate your virgin area if the foam touches there.

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As said before the discharges that come from the virgin area clean the place. These can cause harsh irritation to your virgin area. You can use warm cloth or bath salts to clean your virgin area instead of the soaps.

Causes of itchy and smelly virgin

Your virgin can itch and smell due to so many factors. It could be a result of an infection, hormonal changes, or the use of certain antibiotics. It could also be a reaction to sometimes you might have come into contact with. This infection is called vaginitis. Vaginitis is when there’s an inflammation of the vagina.

This can be caused by a yeast and bacterial infection. You can experience symptoms like irritation, itching, redness, swelling, dryness, burning, rash, and blisters. You may also experience discomfort when you are urinating or even pain during sex. To be safe, just see your doctor for immediate treatment

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