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How to Use SMS Short Code to Register for One Teacher One Laptop

Basic School Teachers Laptops Not Supplied Ghana's Teacher Laptop Debacle: Teachers at the District Education Offices yet to recieve their laptops Ghana Education Service has given two new updates on One Teach One Laptop distribution for the month of November 2022 to February 2023.  READ: Changing short course in Website Design & Blogging at Pinnacle College SMS Short Code for One Teacher One Laptop

Are You Thinking of How to Use SMS Short Code to Register for One Teacher One Laptop? The 6 step procedure is here.

The information available to is that the laptops are in, and distributions will start soon from SHS, followed by the JHS then Primary, and the KG.

Follow the simple steps to register for the laptop now.

1. Dial *790*555#

2. Enter the First name

3. Enter the Last name

4. Enter your staff ID

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5. Enter your active email address

6. Applicant will receive an SMS code which is to be used for collecting your laptop as a teacher under the government’s is One Teacher One Laptop initiative.

The laptops are expected to be used by teachers for research, teaching, and other related education-related activities in their respective classrooms. The Vice President, Dr. Bawumia has also disclosed that teachers will no longer have to write lesson notes since the NaCCA will provide scripted lessons to lessen the burden of the Ghanain teacher at the Pre-tertiary level. 

In a related development, the leader of the Innovative Teachers, Mr. Stephen Desu has called on the Ghana Education Service not to make the collection of the Teacher Mate 1 laptops a compulsory one and they will have no option than to sue the GES should deductions be effected against teachers who are members of the Innovative Teachers who do not apply for the laptop.

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The laptops are for only teachers who have been employed by the Ghana Education Service and not all staff of public and private institutions and private school teachers. Hence any attempt to register for the laptop when the applicant is not part of the targeted population will be deemed fraudulent. 

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We hope the SMS Short Code procedure to follow for the laptop registration has been informative.



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