If You Can’t Solve These Social Studies Questions, Forget About Passing BECE

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BECE 2022 finally begins on Monday, and the question I have for you is, are you ready? If yes, then stay with me as e dive into more details in this article.

This context contains some likely questions which may appear on Monday. This is not an ‘APOR’. This is a carefully schemed question that always drops in every year.

BECE Social Studies Questions

Question 1

(a) Define deviant behavior.

(b) Mention 4 examples of deviant behaviors.

(c) State and explain four causes of teenage pregnancy.

Question 2

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(a) Explain 4 ways by which land degradation can be curbed.

(b) State 4 effects of water pollution on the environment.

Question 3

(a) Define rule of law

(b) State 4 characteristics of a good law

(c) Mention 4 benefits of the law in the society

Question 4

(a) What is Democracy?

(b) State 4 duties of a Ghanaian citizen.

Question 5

(a) What is primary production?

(b) Outline 4 reasons why the primary production sector is important in Ghana.

Question 6 

(a) Explain 4 benefits of Science and Technology in the health delivery sector.

(b) State 4 effects of technology.

If you are able to answer these six questions without the help of anyone, then I can assure you that you will get a straight 1 in Social Studies. Good luck to all candidates.


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