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Indiscipline on the rise in Kaneshie Technical SHS – Concerned observer

Indiscipline on the rise in Kaneshie Technical SHS - Concerned observer

Ghana Education News: Indiscipline on the rise in Kaneshie Technical SHS, an observation of a concerned member of the commuinity.

Observations by concerned members of Kaneshie and its environs in Accra are lamenting about the rise in Kaneshie Technical SHS. In a passionate letter written to, worried members of the community in which the school is situated say, a lot has changed in terms of discipline among students who pass through the school.

Below is a summary of the opinion shared by Frederick  Atsu

He writes to the editor saying;

Kaneshie Technical SHS has been of good help to parents and the youth in the Mataheko and Kaneshie cum its surrounding areas.

Tutors upon tutors had to be firm and vigilant since time memorial to shape the students for their future but what are we seeing today?
We need a male headmaster to steer the affairs of the school and not a headmistress instead.
Tutors in the school including the non-teaching staff are doing their best to instil discipline but then the recalcitrant ones from Russia, Sukura, Zongo and other suburbs of Accra under Ablekuma Central are really giving a “hell and headache ” to the tireless teachers and the headmistress of this noble school thus need a male head of school instead of a female head.
As a member of the community and observer will appeal to Ghana Education Service to consider sending a powerful and strong man as a headmaster to instil more discipline as new structures are being constructed to increase the intake of more students.
By : Frederick Atsu Latzoo

Indiscipline on the rise in Kaneshie Technical SHS: Ghana Education News Editors Comment:

Many would argue that indiscipline is on the rise in all schools in general and heads of schools and teachers need to do more, however, school leadership does not need a particular gender for discipline to be instilled in students.
Both male and female leaders are capable of providing the needed leadership to a large extent.
It takes the collective effort of teachers and the head to put together enforceable laws to guide the behaviour of students.
It is not clear why you believe that a female in leadership does not have what it takes to provide the needed leadership for the school.
We at Ghana Education News believe that there are equally well-disciplined students in all schools including Kaneshie Technical SHS and you need to get closer to leadership to appreciate their many efforts and actions taken which are never noticed to ensure the discipline you want to see happens, however, you have legitimate worries as a member of the community.
Your concerns are well made and we hope that haven published your letter, the leadership of the school will work on the falling discipline you have noticed.

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