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International Master’s Scholarships at the University of Paris-Saclay, France

International Master’s Scholarships

International Master’s Scholarships opportunities are now open at the University of Paris-Saclay. The University has opportunities for students across the world for their International Master’s Scholarship Programme in France.

The university is awarding the scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year. It hopes to use this to increase access to international students who intend to pursue their Master’s programs. The scholarship when awarded will help increase the number of highly qualified international students in the university.

University of Paris-Saclay

The University of Paris-Saclay is a well-acclaimed research-focused university in France. As one of the best places to seek higher education in France, it is located close to Paris and is found in a dynamic ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria For The International Master’s Scholarships

  • Candidates admitted to a master’s program at the Université Paris-Saclay offered by one of the following institutions: AgroParisTech, CentraleSupelec, ENS Paris-Saclay, INSTN-CEA, IOGS, UEVE, UPSaclay, UVSQ. Of these candidates, only those who satisfy one of the following questions are eligible to apply.
  • Newly arriving foreign graduates, aged 30 years and under, during the selection year.
  • Students of foreign nationality who have been residing on French soil for less than a year, previously or at present engaged in a training course or internship that does not lead to a qualification.
  • Students of foreign nationality live on French soil, taking language classes (FFL type) for less than a year.
  • Students may have previously resided in France during their studies as part of a mobility plan (e.g. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees, exchange program) that did not result in a qualification.


Acceptable Course and Subject for the International Master’s Scholarships

The University offers these grants for studying the postgraduate degree coursework in the following fields:

  • All academic fields are concerned.
  • All Master’s programmes for which Université Paris-Saclay is accredited, except for vocational training.

Why Study at the University of Paris-Saclay?

The University offers students prestigious programmes that enhance their knowledge in various scientific and economic fields, both in academic laboratories and in the socio-economic world or specific professional sectors.

Benefits of the Programs

The Scholarship will be awarded as follow:

  • The amount of the Université Paris-Saclay scholarship is 10,000€ per year. Université Paris-Saclay pays it for the duration of the academic year, and for a period of 10 consecutive months (September to June).
  • A maximum of 1,000€ for travel and visa expenses can also be awarded depending on the candidate’s country of origin.
  • Laureates will receive their Scholarship as well as travel expenses only upon arrival in France and once they have enrolled in the programme to which they were admitted.

How to Apply for the International Master’s Scholarships

For applying to these studentship, candidates are needed to follow this application procedure:

Step 1: Apply for Admission

If you are interested in applying to this Scholarship, then you are required to take admission in the Master’s degree program at the University of Paris-Saclay. After that, selected students will automatically be sent a link by email to an online application form.


TAKE ACTION NOW : Apply for admission

Step 2: Submit required documents

  • High school degree certificate transcripts of the current school
  • Transcripts of the previous school (only if requested)
  • Post-secondary transcript
  • Official test scores
  • Resume/curriculum vitae
  • Two references
  • Any other required documentation for your preferred program

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Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have to provide proof that their English language skills meet the minimum admission criteria.
  • Candidates are required to hold their previous degree certificates.

Visa Requirements

You can obtain a student visa either at a French consulate in your region or through Campus France (an agency that promotes higher education in France, with a local office in nearly all countries around the world). Many countries demand that you first register with Campus France to get a student visa.

Application Deadline: May 16, 2021

Contact email address:

Postal address: Bat Technological Space. Discovery – RD 128 – 2nd floor, 91190 Saint-Aubin, France

DOWNLOAD :  UPSaclay Scholarship Procedure 2021-2022 – (pdf 153.73 KB)

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