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January Reopening Date: Are schools starting a new academic year?

January Reopening Date

Are schools starting a new academic year at the pre-tertiary level? This is one of the critical issues the GES alone can clarify.  Schools were closed when pupils in KG-JHS were in the second term. However, it is not clear whether these learners are going to start the second term of the 2021/2020 academic year all over. 

January reopening dates for schools have been announced but there are many issues GES must clarify for pre-tertiary education stakeholders.

According to the latest updates from the government of Ghana, all Basic Schools (KG-JHS) to reopen on 15th January 2021.

The update on reopening did not indicate whether schools at the pre-tertiary level will commence a new Academic year.

Learners in KG to Basic 7 (JHS1) did not complete their academic year. Are they returning to school to start the entire second term of the 2019-2020 academic year or they the Ghana Education Service has quashed that particular year?

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However, if the second term which starts in January and ends in April was the only term annulledthen school children will have to start and complete two terms (term 2 and 3) before progressing to the next academic year in September 2021. If the academic year in question has been annulled, it will imply the students and pupils will have to repeat their respective classes.

This also means the JHS and SHS will be in a new Academic year of their own. 

We all look forward to how the Ghana Education Service will clear the confusion and clarify issues pertaining to the academic year. 

The GES is yet to release the annual academic year time table for schools. When it is released, it would further clarify issues for teachers, students, and parents. 

Parents have become jittery already and are asking the big questions.

Some are in a dilemma as to whether they will send their wards to school or not. President Nana Addo has given assurance of the government’s commitment towards ensuring safe school environments for learners.

Are teachers ready for the rusty students and pupils who will be returning to our classrooms to learn? Teachers need great patience, self-leadership, emotional stability, and the heart to take all the challenges that will be presented by learners who have been home for ten months without any education-related activities. 

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In the coming days, the leadership of the GES will hopefully demystify these issues.

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