John Mahama Calls For Peace Between Sammy Gyamfi And Pablo

Former President John Dramani Mahama has called for peace to prevail between the National Communications officer, Sammy Gyamfi and the National Youth Organizer, George Opare Addo, also known as Pablo.

In a John Mahama’s latest Facebook post, he made it clear that he met both Sammy Gyamfi and Pablo on different dates and encouraged them to bring their brouhaha to an end. John Mahama believes that such brouhaha between these two giants in the party will surely affect the party negatively. He called for togetherness and calm in the party for the benefit of the country.

“I’ve had meetings with our Youth Organizer and Communications Officer and agreed with them that the current exchanges must stop. It brings our great party no benefit and only serves as a distraction from the hardship caused by the reckless management of our economy. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize for the ‘Ghana we want” he said.

It all started when Sammy Gyamfi declared war on the Party Youth Organiser on the claims that he is anti–John Mahama and openly campaigned for his friend Yaw Brogya Genfi to be elected National Youth Organizer but lost by 25 votes at the just-ended Women’s and Youth elections of the party.

After the just-ended conference held at Cape Coast, Sammy Gyamfi allegedly launched attacks on the reelected National Youth Organiser in a series of posts.

However, George Opare Addo popularly called Pablo who won his reelection bid with a slim margin against Yaw Brogya Genfi, said Sammy Gyamfi has become an obstacle he has to deal with.

This didn’t end there as both parties have been throwing “bullets” to each other on various media houses they find themselves on.

Sammy Gyamfi  recently asserted in an Onua TV interview that George Opare Addo favored his opponent Fred Agbenyo over him and appealed to the youth organizers of the party not to vote for him (Sammy Gyamfi).

Sammy Gyamfi said that despite being aware of George Opare Addo’s opposition to his candidature, he never attacked him publicly as he believes it was within his rights to do that.

He is therefore shocked by the scathing attack against him by George Opare Addo after he recently won re-election in a contest Sammy also backed George’s rival.

“John Dumelo campaigned for Opare Addo. John is my very good friend and I’m sure he is cool with Brogya Genfi. Have you heard Brogya Genfi attack him after the elections?

“Maturity is not for sale. James Agyenim-Boateng campaigned for Opare Addo but he is my good friend. Would Brogya Genfi or Sammy Gyamfi go on national radio to insult Agyenim-Boateng?

“In 2018 when I stood for National Communications Officer, Opare Addo didn’t support me. He met all the youth organizers at Erata Hotel and asked them to vote for my opponent which was fair. He has the right to do that. Did you hear me attack him after the elections? Even now I’m going unopposed.

“I’m now close to the person who contested me in 2018. If I didn’t respect him, do you think, we would have had this kind of relationship? I’ve promised not to descend into the gutters because I don’t belong in the gutters,” he said.

What George Opare Addo said

George Opare Addo accused Sammy Gyamfi of building a mansion at the airport residential area.

“As for this election, it was that Airport Hills small boy I contested not Brogya, I said today I will mention names… I contested Sammy Gyamfi and I won. He is a small boy. There is nothing he can match me on, I have lived life well. He is a small boy,” Pablo said.

“Yes, Sammy Gyamfi has now become an obstacle in my way and this my second term I will not joke! I will cut away anybody who stands in my way as an obstacle. It is only action that we will see. Action action action….” Opare Addo said.

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