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John Mahama Rescues Former Black Queens Goalkeeper Memunatu Sulemana From Extreme Poverty

John Mahama Rescues Former Goalkeeper Memunatu Sulemana

The elected flagbearer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. John Dramani Mahama has genuinely offered to help Memunatu Sulemana.

Memunatu Sulemana, is an ex Ghanaian goalkeeper for the Ghana women’s national team. According to reports, former President John Mahama has given enough money to Memunatu Sulemana to start a business and also acquired a self-contained house for her.

Former President John Dramani Mahama presented all these to Sulemana Memunatu when it went viral that the former Ghanaian goalkeeper for the Ghanaian women’s team was in an upsetting state and was residing in a wooden (kiosk) in Kaneshie.

Most of her colleagues whom she played with are having a luxurious lifestyle after their retirement. Memunatu Sulemana, the 45-year-old  former goal keeper rather found herself to be living in extreme poverty.

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Memunatu Sulemana disclosed her struggles after her retirement during an interview on Original TV.

Memunatu Sulemana disclosed that she got paid during her professional career and most of the money was used on her grandmother. Memunatu went ahead to reveal that her grandmother back then was battling with diabetes that is why most of the money was spent on her.

Memunatu Sulemana did participate in World Cup tournaments during her time as a Ghanaian goal keeper for the Ghanaian women’s national team. She did attain exceptional affluence during her prime.

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Memunatu Sulemana first made her debut in 1999 in the FIFA World Cup. She was exceptional during that time and made history with the women’s national football team during the FIFA World Cup which was in the United States (US).

Sulemana Memunatu did not stop there after her debut in 1999 in the US also, she did participate in the tournaments in China 2007 and United States 2003.

The former President John Dramani Mahama has made an exceptional mark with his kind gesture.

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