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Just In: 2024 BECE To Be 5 Subject Papers? Here’s The Truth

Merging 9 BECE subjects into 5 or 6 for 2024 BECE: (Likely outcome and what the GES is likely to achieve) explained here by Ghana Education News. Just In: 2024 BECE To Be 5 Subject Papers? Here's The Truth

Will the 2024 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) subject papers be only five (5)? This is the question currently being asked by many educators and students.

News coming in indicates that the 2024 BECE subject papers will be 5. There will be nothing like 8 or 9 subject papers. This means students or candidates will only write five papers during the examination.

At a training session on Friday in Kumasi, the Deputy Director General in Charge of Schools and Instructions reportedly announced this.

The Ghana Education Service has yet to make an official statement about this trending news. GES will either deny such news or indeed make a statement about its implementations. GES has yet to confirm this trending story. But whatever the case is, there will be BECE next year.

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In January this year, the GES said it had come to its attention that some heads of public basic schools had made some students, who were in JHS 2 last academic year and were supposed to progress to JHS 3 this academic year, repeat.

The management of GES, it said, took a serious exception to the practice due to the fact that the current JHS three students were the last batch of objective-based curriculum candidates who would write the final BECE under the said syllabus this year.

It said students who were promoted to JHS 2 this year were, therefore, going to be the first batch of candidates who would write BECE in 2024 using the new standard-based curriculum.

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The 2024 BECE is expected to be written in July 2024. This examination is solely for candidates who are in JHS 3 or their final year in basic schools. The timetable and other policies surrounding the examination will be released in 2024. As of now, it is alleged that only five subject papers will be written.

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5 thoughts on “Just In: 2024 BECE To Be 5 Subject Papers? Here’s The Truth

  1. If it’s really a thoughts on the minds the educational directors that the BECE next year should be only five subjects, then why the study of all these subjects? Yes! The students are being stressed to study close to Ten subjects and now the board is thinking and suggesting on this??
    Please the board has to update us before our students gets stressed for nothing.

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