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Today in History: Azumah Nelson won his second heavyweight title


Exactly 39 years ago, On December 8,1984 Azumah Nelson won his second world boxing  heavyweight title after beating Wilfredo Gomez, and crowned the WBC champion.

Azumah Nelson, affectionately called Professor zoom zoom, is a formal Ghanaian boxer who completed his professional career from 1979 to 2008

He was born on 19th July 1958 in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

He is among the top Ghanaian sports personalities that have sold the country to another level when it comes to winning titles for the country.

Azumah Nelson and Derrick Kotei (D.K Poison) are known for winning boxing titles for the country and maintaining it for a while.

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Shalimar Abbiusi, the spokesperson for the New Force Arrested

During their bout that took place at Hiram Bithorn Stadium, San Juan, Puerto Rico, on December 8,1984, Professor Azumah managed to stopped his opponent Wilfredo Gómez in round 11 of their 12 rounds.

The victory helped him to crowned his second World title.

When Azumah Nelson was stopped by WBC featherweight champion Sanchez Salvador on July 21, 1982, that is when Azumah realized his mistake and trained to the peak and able to come back  to win a World title.

He was able to win all his bout in 1983 which was impressive to his growth in the boxing fraternity.

Today in History: Azumah Nelson won his second heavyweight title
Azumah Nelson

He decided to knock out everyone that face him in every competition in the boxing ring.

This mindset helped Azumah Nelson to defeat many boxers that challenged him.

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Azumah defend his WBC featherweight title for three years from 1984-1987.

But Azumah Nelson could not fight for a couple of months after he defeated Wilfredo Gómez

In September 1985, he came back strongly and defeated Cowdell Pat on Knock out during the first round in the United Kingdom.

He was beaten by Genaro Hernadeve and lost the WBC featherweight title.

Boxing Records 

Total fights-47




He retired from professional boxing in the year 2008.

For his achievements and success in boxing, the Azumah Nelson Sports Complex located in Accra has been named after him.

He is considered as the greatest African Boxer Ever by Boxing Journalists.

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