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Kennedy Agyapong Explains The Meaning Of His ‘Showdown’ Comment

The member of parliament for Assin Central constituency, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong, who doubles as NPP presidential aspirant, has revealed the meaning of his popular comment ‘showdown

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Honorable Kennedy Agyapong described his utterances during the super delegates conference as only giving signal and delivering message to the party’s leadership.

It all started when Kennedy Agyapong made some threatening words to President Akufo Addo and Vice President Bawumia on Saturday, 26th August, 2023 during NPP delegate’s conference.

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The outspoken lawmaker was heard speaking to an unknown person in a phone conversation where he threatened to deal with the two leaders over an alleged attack on his agent.

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“I will give you a showdown in this country, I swear to God. Vice President, I will give you a showdown for chasing my agent away. I swear to God. You will hear what will happen here. I swear to God, I will challenge President Akufo-Addo big time,” Kennedy said as quoted.

He has since been summoned together with four other members of the party to the Disciplinary Committee for violating the party’s constitution.

However Lawyer Amoh Darteh, Spokesperson of Kennedy Agyapong has also reacted to Kennedy Agyapong’s comments. According to him, Kennedy Agyapong’s words were never a threat.

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According to him, the comment ‘I will give you a showdown’ in the contest in which it was used was expressing his readiness for the subsequent contest.

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“If someone says I will give you a show showdown, that means, going forward in a subsequent competition he will give you a sheer competition. He will be more prepared; he will not allow this awkward incident that happened in the next exercise to reoccur. So, therefore, I will give you a showdown statement is to give one a good run for his money.

“Yes, it means I will come to the competition with all the arsenals that I have to ensure that my agents are fully protected, to ensure I do my campaign right, so that we will not leave any stone unturned, so it is the readiness and preparedness for the upcoming elections – so, that is the showdown,” Lawyer Amoh Dateh explained.

According to him, the actions and inactions of Mr. Agyapong are in a good direction because they will help change any illegal scheme planned against their camp in the November 4th election.

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