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Check Out The 5 Happiest Cities In Ghana

Ghana as a whole is generally known to be a very happy country. There are also some cities in Ghana whose citizens seem happier than other. The happiness of a city is being determined using social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom of them to make their own life choices

Let’s take a look at the five happiest cities in Ghana.

1. Cape Coast

The Central regional capital, Cape Coast is the happiest city in Ghana. Cape Coast is full of all life experiences. One can spend his or her lifetime there without having a second thought of moving away. When having a bad day in Cape Coast, you can just visit the coast for a cool breeze. You don’t need to travel to any other town for education.

Government is also in the process of giving the city its own Airport. Cape Coast also has a number of best and amazing Senior High Schools in Ghana. The Cape Coast stadium is also a bonus to their excitement. Persons in Cape Coast are usually happy.

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2. Sunyani

Sunyani is the second happiest city in Ghana. It is also reported to be the cleanest city in Ghana. It is the capital of the Bono Region and is popularly referred to as ”The Green City”. It has beautiful streets with amazing hotels and restaurants where tourists can relax and feel at home.

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3. Kumasi

Kumasi is the second largest city in Ghana. It happens to be the third happiest city in Ghana. Life in Kumasi is quite not expansive. Transportation in Kumasi is not a problem at all. One can even fly from Kumasi to other parts of the world using the Kumasi Airport. Sellers and buyers are always happy since they always meet up their expectations.

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4. Accra

The capital City of Ghana is the fourth happiest city in Ghana. It is the city with the highest population. More persons seem to travel to this city for greener pastures. The cost of living in Accra seems very much higher.

However, aside from this, Accra seem to be a happy place to be. All developments in the country starts from this city. There are several tourists and entertaining venues in Accra which people do enjoy a lot.

5. Obuasi

This city is often tagged as ‘The City of Gold’. Obuasi is a Mining Community and town in the southern part of Obuasi Municipal of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. People in this city are always happy since they believe that they have what it takes to be rich. Their land is rich and that makes them prouder. However, government has banned all illegal mining in the country but the people of Obuasi have hope that their time will come. It is the fifth happiest city in Ghana.

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