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Teachers told to be wary of laws on rape and defilement – Ghana Police

laws on rape and defilement


The Ghana Police has cautioned teachers in Ghana to be wary of defilement laws as well as those on rape, abduction, and other related offenses.


The cation was given by the Somanya District Commander of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Andrews Anyani during the Yilo Krobo Sixth Quadrennial and 53rd Municipal GNAT Delegates Conference which took place at the Mount Mary College of Education at Somanya last Friday.



He advised teachers to be extra careful with how they relate with their students whiles going about their duties as professionals.


Laws on rape and defilement



The office of the law said Ghana’s laws on rape and defilement are very clear on the kind of punishment that should be meted to offenders and that, teachers would not be excused if they are caught in the act of defilement or any other related crimes.

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Teachers, just like any other person would face up to 25 years jail term if found guilty of any sex offenses, such as defilement, rape, or abduction. Such a move by the state “will end your career as a teacher because you will become an ex-convict”. He added


He reminded teachers that, the girl child was sent to school with the sole purpose of being educated, to learn and build a better future for herself.


The girls were not sent to school to be impregnated or produce babies that society was not ready for.


 “Let me for the sake of emphasis say again that every girl-child has been sent to school to learn and prepare for the future and not to be tampered with in sexual ways by the teacher.”


“Though teachers are always in constant touch with the girl-child, it is totally and morally wrong to have anything to do with her by way of sexual intercourse,” Supt Anyani stressed.

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Supt Anyani called on teachers to avoid the temptation since any form of sexual offense will destroy the corporate image of the teacher in society. He, therefore, urged the teachers in Ghana to eschew all acts that have the potential of jeopardizing their careers, peace of mind, and future.

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