Master’s in Nursing Education: Everything You Need to Know

Master's in Nursing Education

Do you intend to do your Master’s in Nursing Education after completing your Bachelor in Nursing? Then stay with me as I take you through all the necessary information about the Master’s in Nursing Education.

Mostly, numerous graduates with a B.Sc. in Nursing ask this question, “Is Master’s In Nursing Education worth it”?. The short and right answer is, yes.

Getting a Master’s degree in nursing is worth it. This degree will help advance your career and increase your income as well.

Below, I have stated all the necessary things you need to know about getting a Master’s degree in Nursing.

Master’s Degree In Nursing Education – What Is It About?

Getting a Master’s degree in nursing will help you in so many ways. This degree will help broaden you, and lead you to become a great health care personnel. Nurses are in high demand lately, and getting a master’s degree in nursing will make you a top pick ahead of the other nurses with a Bachelor’s degree.

Getting this master’s degree will also help advance your skills and experience. This will make you think faster and precisely.

Types Of Master’s Degree In Nursing Education 

There are a wide range of prospective specialization concerning a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. With a Master’s degree in Nursing Education, there are numerous types of field one can specialize in. Some of these are;

  • Clinical nurse educator
  • Administrative nurse faculty
  • Public health nurse
  • Nursing instructor or professor
  • Staff development officer
  • Continuing education specialist
  • Dean of a nursing school

There are many more career paths one can specialize in with this master’s degree. Also, at the Stevenson University, one can specialize in the following career paths with a Master’s degree in nursing education;

  • Nursing Education
  • Nursing Leadership or Management
  • Forensic Nursing
  • Population-Based Care Coordination

Merits Of A Master’s Degree

There are various advantages associated with a master’s degree in Nursing Education. Some of these advantages are;

1. High Salary: You will be wondering why I brought this up first, but that is an essential merit of gaining a master’s degree in Nursing Education. Salaries differ according to each specialization and the lowest salary is estimated to be $111,310 (1,278,237.29 Ghanaian CEDI). 

2. Wide Range Of Career Paths: Reading this master’s degree will give you an opportunity to specialize in a wide range of given fields. You are to specialize in the one you are passionate about or think you can excel in.

3. Improved Skills: Gaining this master’s degree will help improve your skills. You will gain much higher skills than you had. Skills with experience is needed in the field of nursing.

4. Fast Route To Immigrate: Lately, the kind of people immigrating to other country are nurses. If you intend on immigrating to any European country, then a master’s degree in nursing education will help you easily. There are numerous visa sponsorship jobs for nurses.

Course works

There are various coursework one will have to complete when reading this master’s degree. Some of these courses are;

  • Biostatics and Epidemiology
  • Theories of Teaching and Instruction
  • Advanced Pathophysiology
  • Leadership and Role Development in Nursing Education
  • Evidence Based Communication
  • Ethics and Health Policy
  • Assessment, Curriculum, Development, and Outcomes


Here are the salary expectations for graduates with this master’s degree. These salaries are different in regard to the specialization and the industry as well.

  • Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (Nursing instructor or professor): $108,060 (1,240,915.65 Ghanaian Cedi)
  • Physicians: $111,310 (1,278,237.29 Ghanaian Cedi)
  • Health Practitioners: $112,040 (1,286,620.30 Ghanaian Cedi)
  • Outpatient Care Centres: $123,850 (1,422,241.38 Ghanaian Cedi)
  • General Medical and Surgical Hospitals: $118,210 (1,357,473.99 Ghanaian Cedi)

These are all the necessary information you have to know about this master’s degree.

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