3 thoughts on “Have you merged your SSNIT with Ghana Card? Merging Ends 31st Dec.

  1. Is this country serious at all. A bunch of incompetent guys in top positions taking decisions without considering the citizens first. Why in the first place do you have to set an ultimatum regarding such a vital thing and secondly why can’t it be automated.

  2. Is SSNIT really serious about this merging of Ghana card with SSNIT number? People are yet to secure the Ghana card, when you go to the registration center close to you, the officials will tell you they have closed registration and it’ll be opened 4th of January. Is SSNIT aware of all these. SSNIT should give People more time .

  3. When leadership becomes a curse unto it’s people! They are going to deny poor, vulnerable, sick pensioners some of who’s very lives depend on these miserly pittance because someone feels it’s nice to do so…GOD SAVE US !

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