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Millions will be in Revenue from The National Cathedral, By Ofori-Atta

Millions will be in Revenue from The National Cathedral, By Ofori-Atta

The head of the financial department, Ken Ofori-Atta, believes that the national cathedral can be used to boost the country’s financial health. According to him, the project, when completed, has the potential to bring in millions of dollars in revenue and must be seen as an economic venture as well.

He said contentions around the building of the cathedral should be strategically reconsidered, as they have the potential to accelerate the government’s efforts to stimulate Ghana’s tourism growth.

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During his speech at the Ghana Tourism Investment Summit 2023, Ofori-Atta stated that the National Cathedral possesses the potential to establish robust infrastructure for economic expansion.

This whole issue about the National Cathedral, in my mind, is the third leg of this triangle because how do you build a society in which you are clear in defining who you are politically? How do you build a society in which the economic engine is growing, and how do you contain that within the spiritual realm that ensures stability in the ages to come?

And so, even as we look at something like the National Cathedral that has economic benefits beyond what we see, both in Israel and the Hajj, they realise about $6 billion to $8 billion a year, and in Africa, we have some 600 million people who are Christians, so imagine Ghana as the new Jerusalem. It will be a different reality.”

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He went to say that the government remains committed to transforming the tourism and arts industries, as they have a multiplier economic impact on the country.

We are looking at increasing Ghana’s international tourist arrivals, and so the Ghanaian economy is going to continue to significantly depend on tourism and the creative sectors to provide literally two out of the ten jobs that will be created going into the future.”

The Cathedral project is currently on hold due to a lack of funding.

In the meantime, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, said the National Cathedral project remains the most sleazy, reckless, sacrilegious, and scandalous mission by the sheer magnitude and audacity in the entire history of Ghana.

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