Must Solve: Food And Nutrition Questions for 2023 WASSCE Candidates

2023 WASSCE Food and Nutrition questions

Solve these sample food and nutrition questions for the 2023 WASSCE. These are well taken questions and predicted to drop again in the WASSCE 2023 Food and nutrition paper.

Candidates are urged to master each topics very well before trying their hands on these sample questions. You are advised to solve in groups and share ideas about the answers and help each other at this time.

Answer all the questions below;

1. State three conservative methods of cooking vegetables

a. What are some 4 effects of cooking vegetables?

b. List 3 purposes of cooking vegetables

c. What are some hazards one should take note when cooking vegetables?

d. State 4 functions of vegetables in a diet

e. What are some 4 principles of food preservation.

f. Explain any two of (e)

2. State 5 reasons for preservation of food

a. List three methods of preserving food

3. State four contribution of table appointment to meal

a. List six table appointments

b. Define the term ‘recipe.

c. List three components of a recipe

d. Explain three points to consider when choosing a recipe.

e. List two major ingredients in the preparation of ‘koose’

4. What are some three classes of Legumes?

a. Give two examples each of the classes mentioned above

b. List 5 dishes made from Legumes

c. State three advantages/merits of Legumes in a diet

d. State three disadvantages/demerits of Legumes in a diet.

5. Mention any six kitchen utensils.

a. State one use each of the kitchen utensils mentioned above.

These questions are well analyzed, needs your maximum effort in order to understand an solve it correctly. In the case that you do not understand or you are not well convinced with your answers, make sure to seek help from your teachers or our colleagues who are extremely good in this field.

We wish all 2023 WASSCE candidates the very best of luck as they prepare towards their final examination.

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