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Human Rights Reporters’ Joseph Wemakor honored by I BELIEVE GLOBAL

In recognition of his unwavering commitment to advocating for gender equality, Joseph Wemakor, the distinguished Program Chair for the International Conference on Gender Equality, has been honored with a Citation of Honor by the I Believe Global Women’s Empowerment Foundation. (I BELIEVE GLOBAL).

This reputable organization, which is steadfast in its dedication to promoting social justice and human rights, acknowledged Mr. Wemakor’s significant contributions to the field during a recent awards ceremony.

Joseph Kobla Wemakor’s relentless pursuit of gender parity has played a crucial role in the global dialogue on gender issues.

His invaluable insights and leadership as the Program Chair for the inaugural International Conference on Gender Equality in Ghana have not only influenced policymakers but have also uplifted communities by fostering awareness and action towards creating a gender-inclusive world.

The Citation of Honor conferred upon Mr. Wemakor underscores his successful strategies in addressing the deeply entrenched inequalities that women and girls face worldwide.

It reads: “Your unwavering commitment as a Program Chair to the success of the 1st International Conference on Gender Equality in Ghana, organized by I BELIEVE GLOBAL has left an indelible mark.

Your guidance and tireless efforts have inspired change and empowered us to strive for a more equitable world.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution to fostering dialogue and progress”.

Mr. Wemakor who is also the founder/executive director of Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) received the honor from Rachel Akosua Lundgren, President of I BELIEVE GLOBAL, alongside Professor (Mrs.) Smile Dzisi (Patroness).

Under his guidance, the International Conference on Gender Equality became a platform for international experts, activists, and thought leaders to share their research and forge alliances.

Through this collaborative effort, there has been notable progress in the advocacy for women’s rights and the empowerment of women and girls across different societies.

I BELIEVE GLOBAL, an organization with a global footprint in advancing human rights, has taken note of Mr. Wemakor’s dedication to not only raising awareness but also paving paths for tangible chances. The Citation of Honor is a testament to Mr. Wemakor’s influence in pushing for reforms and sustainable developments that benefit vulnerable and marginalized communities, especially in relation to gender disparities.

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The distinction of the award also mirrors the collective success of the initiatives Mr. Wemakor supports, showcasing the impact these programs have on dismantling barriers to gender equality. The ceremony was not just a celebration of his achievements but also served to inspire other leaders and activists to continue to strive for a world where gender does not dictate one’s opportunities and rights.

Joseph Wemakor’s achievement is pivotal in the ongoing struggle for gender equality, as it highlights the potential of passionate individuals to foster change within society. The International Conference on Gender Equality, under his stewardship, will continue to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for the transformational progress toward a gender-equal world.

As the fight for gender equality presses on, it is crucial to recognize and honor figures like Joseph Wemakor, who not only envision a just society but actively work to bring it to fruition.

The Citation of Honor from I BELIEVE GLOBAL is a fitting tribute to Mr. Wemakor’s determined efforts in this noble cause.

Some prominent figures, celebrities, and gender advocates whose contributions towards advancing gender equality and advocating for women’s empowerment were also recognized include Oheneyere Gifty Anti (Renowned Gender Advocate) Mrs. Esther Darko-Mensah (Activist), Mrs. Sabina Anokye Mensah (Renowned Gender Expert), Dr. Maurice Apprey, University of Virginia, USA (Advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Advancing Gender Equality) and Mr. Siapha Kamara (Renowned Gender Expert).

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Other recipients are Dr. Emmanuel Ayifah, Deputy Country Director, SEND Ghana, Mr. Harold Nii Amoo (Researcher-Gender Economics, Kobe University Japan), Mr. Justice Mawuli Godzo, University of Education, Winneba, and Abdul-Aziz Seidu (Researcher-Public Health, University of Australia), Dr. Sérgio Bordalo e Sá, University of Lisbon, Portugal, Leela M. Kpukuyou-Browne (Gender Advocate and Empowerment Practitioner), and Prof. Dzisi Smiles (Former Vice Chancellor/Rector of Koforidua Technical University).

I BELIEVE GLOBAL on November 24, 2023, organized the 1st ever International Conference on Gender Equality in Ghana aimed at empowering and uplifting women’s rights in Ghana.

The historic event brought together a broad range of international and local activists, experts, and advocates to discuss and promote gender equality.

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