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Northern region men are hard to deal with – I’m sorry for making this comment, says Habiba Sianre

Northern region men are hard to deal with

Habiba Sinare has apologized for what she said about Northerners in a video clip that went viral. She said that the clip was cut from an earlier interview.

People said that her ideas were too tribal and sometimes hurtful. She said that some Northerners are hard to deal with, and she told a story about how her in-laws tried to control her life as a young mother and wife when she got married at 19.

In a post on her Facebook wall that was made late on Sunday, December 4, 2022, the ex-wife of former Black Stars player Abdul Majeed Waris said that these views were said in an interview that had been filmed years before. She said that the content of the interview had been popular for a while and then died down.

She wrote:

“That interview was given a long time ago, and people who know me well already knew that. It was noticed, talked about, and then left behind. I don’t know why the bloggers chose to bring up an old story at this time,” the post said in part.

She also gave a lot of reasons why her views didn’t show that she hated people from the north. For example, she was born in the north, she married someone from the north, her son is a Dagomba, and she works with people from the north in her job and in her volunteer work.

“In the same video, I praised my ex-husband and his brother. You must know that they are from the North. Why doesn’t that part make the news? “Maybe it’s because bad stories sell better and faster,” the post said.

Habiba talked about how she has tried to fit in better in the North by doing things like learning a new language. She then apologized to anyone who found her views offensive.

“I have learned my Dagbani language and can speak it” ( broken one though)

“For those who are really upset, I want to say that I never meant to insult, demean, or generalize about any group of people, and I apologize without any conditions.

“I misspoke and you misunderstood me. But I forgive those who are waiting to criticize me for no reason,” the post said.

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