4 thoughts on “GES must review contact hours upwards for primary schools

  1. As it stands now, I don’t know of any public primary school which closes at 12:00pm. That 12pm closing time is just for KG pupils.

    I’m a teacher in Accra and my primary school closes at 2pm each day. It has been so since January.

    So what contact hours should be increased?

    1. Pls am also a teacher in the public school.We never close at 12noon ,so what contact hours should be reviewed?

  2. I was even surprised to hear that…no school closes at 12pm… Schools in Accra closes at 2pm so what is this article without proper research saying?? You are proposing extra 1hr should be added but at it stands now… extra 2hrs is already being used.

    1. Thanks for your comment on this opinion.
      However, all comments so far are talking about Greater Accra only.
      The opinion shared is for the entire country because there are schools still closing at 12 noon per the GES directive.
      Let us not assume that Accra is Ghana, please.

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