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Private Schools Teacher Licence Seminar for 3rd May – Register Now!

Press Release on PROVISIONAL LICENSE for Private School Teachers Private Schools Teacher Licence Seminar for 3rd May - Register Now!

The importance of the Private Schools Teacher Licence can not be undermined with the current education reform. To this end, the National Council of Private School Teachers would on 3rd May 2021 hold a teacher licensure seminar for all private school teachers in Ghana.

Private Schools Teacher Licence Seminar

The Private Schools Teacher Licence Seminar will care for the licensure needs of all Non-professional Teachers practicing within the private school space in Ghana.

communique copied to said non-professional Teachers (Teachers with SHS certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters, etc in different fields of study) qualify to attend TEACHER LICENSE SEMINAR.

Attending the seminar would help private school teachers to get a temporal Teacher License from the National Teaching council.

According to the council, data of all the non-professional teachers will be taken on the day of the seminar purposely to acquire a temporal teacher’s license for them.

Teachers with licenses have also been invited to the seminar to keep them updated on what they are to do to ensure they maintain their Licenses.

Some critical issues to be discussed at the seminar include the following:

A. Dates for CPDs to renew their license

B. CPD Providers and number of workshops to attend in each term or semester to qualify to maintain and renew your License

C. Cost involve in CPDs for a month

Note License is revoked if you do not attend the required CPDs in the given duration

Licensure Examination for private school teachers

All those who are to sit for Licensure Examination are invited for directives and Register for classes

Qualified for Teachers license
All those who qualify for Teacher License are very lucky because NTC has extended the date. You are invited to this Seminar for more Education and assistance in the application.

The seminar would be held on the public holiday thus, May 3rd, 2021 at the St John’s Preparatory School near Achimota Guinness Company.

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How to register for the Private Schools Teacher Licence Seminar

  1. Register to book for a seat – The registration fee is GHS30.00
  2. Pay registration fee into NCOPST Momo number 0552976741 or pay into the Fidelity Bank
    Atonsu Kumasi branch of the National Council of Private School Teachers. Acc no. 2090291715418.
  3. After Registration send the payment message to 0540560643 on WhatsApp
  4. You will be added to the registered members’ group.

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For further inquiries, contact Ackon James on 0540560643

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