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Private schools to recruit ONLY licenced teachers from May – NaSIA

private schools licenced teachers

The information available to this portal indicates the Executive Director of (NaSIA), Dr. Hilda has said private schools in the pre-tertiary sector which fail to employ licensed teachers from May 2021 will face the full arm of the law and will be sanctioned.

Private schools licenced teachers

Speaking to the B&FT in an interview, Dr. Haggar Hilda Ampadu said the (NaSIA) has informed private schools that they should ensure all yet-to-be recruited teachers are licensed before they employed them to teach in their schools.

“By our standards, to have licensed teachers is a requirement, and we were waiting on NTC to tell us when we can enforce that. By the letter they gave us to dispatch to all private schools, which we have, they are telling us that the time to enforce is now,” the NaSIA Executive Director told B&FT.

“this means that when the Inspectorate Authority comes to your school and we get your teacher list, we have to see that they are NTC licensed teachers. That is something we are going to keenly look at.” She said.

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The (NaSIA) and (NTC) are collaborating and coordinating their activities to complement each other to ensure only qualified and licensed teachers each in our public and private schools.

The NTC has also revealed that it will phase out unlicensed public and private school teachers from classrooms by 2025. It has therefore called on all teachers to register with the NTC by the 7th of May or have themselves to blame. In all nearly 350,000 teachers are expected to register on the portal.

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