Prophet Amoako Atta’s Prophecy On Earthquakes In Ghana(Video)

The founder and leader of Parliament Chapel International Church, Prophet Amoako Atta is undoubtedly, one of the most respected prophets or men of God in Ghana. Most of the prophecies he has said has all come to pass.
In a video sighted by, Prophet Amoako Atta was heard making it clear that there is going to some earthquakes and Earth tremors in some parts of the African continent.
Few weeks after making such prophecy, there was an earthquake in South Africa which resulted in some deaths and also lot of properties.
Speaking about the same prophecy, Prophet Amoako Atta revealed that if such earthquake triggers in Africa, it will be a sign of more occurrence of earthquakes in Africa. This seems to have happened right at the capital city of Ghana.

TGhana’s capital, Accra experienced moderate earth tremor of magnitude 4.0 on Monday morning.
A moderate earth tremor was felt in most parts of Accra Monday morning (December 12, 2022).

The epicenter was located in the western part of Accra, 10 km from Gbawe.
The phenomenon which took place at 11:53 am local time (December 12, 2022), occurred three times in the space of about five hours.

The first was experienced around 6:53 am, also in the western part of Accra, the second around 10am at same places and the third occurred at 11:53am, 10 km from Gbawe.

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According to the Android Earthquake Alerts System, the seismic movement reached magnitude 4.0 which makes it one of the strongest tremor in Ghana.

When Graphic Online contacted the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GSSA) at midday for official information on the tremor, it was explained that a team of experts have been dispatched to collect information.

The Director of the GGSA, Isaac Nwinbelle told Graphic Online’s Timothy Ngnenbe that the team of experts have been deployed to Weija, to the earth quake monitoring station located at Weija to collect data on the latest tremor. Weija has experienced perennial earth tremors.

Some parts of Accra including the Graphic Road enclave also experienced the tremor.

In the Central Business District (CBD) of Accra, where a lot of trading activities occur especially, around the Bank of Ghana area, some people were seen attempting to move away from buildings into safety, according to some eyewitnesses.


On Monday 12th December 2022, three (3) earth tremor events ocurred in parts of the Greater Accra Region.
The foreshock occurred at 11:49am with a magnitude of 2.1.

The main event occurred at 11:53am with a magnitude of 3.5.

The aftershock occurred at 11:58am with a magnitude of 1.8 on the Richter scale
The epicenter is located between Wiaboman and Bojo beach and is about 575m into the sea, the GGSA statement said.

The recorded magnitudes are indicative of the extent of the tremor.

The magnitude of even the main shock is a minor tremor and so it is not expected to cause damage, the GGSA added.

The tremors were highly felt in areas like Dansoman, Mataheko, Weija, and slightly felt in areas like Legon, Amasaman and Accra Central which are far away from the epicenter.

These are natural occurrences and therefore difficult to predict, the GGSA said.

However, education and sensitisation of the public on awareness and response during such events are key.
The public is therefore urged to remain calm and go about their normal businesses, it added

Watch Prophet Amoako Atta’s Video Below.

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