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Re-submission of Public Universities Bill is a Cause of Dismay for UTAG

Re-submission of Public Universities Bill is a Cause of Dismay for UTAG

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) is appalled by the government’s decision to resubmit the rejected Public Universities Bill to Parliament for consideration in the upcoming 8th session.

They expressed deep concern as they observed the government’s determination to push through this controversial bill, despite widespread opposition from the university community and the higher learning environment. The absence of consultation or engagement with UTAG, the primary stakeholders and beneficiaries of such legislation, really irks us.

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The House of Representatives resumed its sessions today, February 6, following a brief pause. The earliest start time for the inaugural session of the fourth session of the eighth parliament is 10:00 am.

A total of 82 bills are expected to be presented to the House during this meeting, according to a statement issued by Parliament on February 5, 2024.

The house will take into consideration the Aged Persons Bill, 2023.
The Advertising Council Bill for 2023, the Consumer Protection Bill for 2023, the Public University Bill for 2023, and the Ghana Road Fund (Amendment) Bill for 2023 are some of the bills that will be introduced in the coming years.

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The House will be tackling twelve (12) bills that are currently in committee during this session.

The Affirmative Action (Gender Equality) Bill, 2023 (Committee on Gender and Children) and the Social Protection Bill, 2023 (Committee on Gender and Children) are two such bills.

The House will take a break before the general elections to work on the Office of the Special Prosecutor (Amendment) Bill, 2021, and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2023, which are private member’s bills.

The UTAG said in a statement that it strongly opposes the passage of the PUB in its current form and demands its immediate removal from the Parliament.

A lack of consultation with UTAG and an alarming disregard for the concerns of the university community demonstrate a disregard for the principles of democratic governance and academic autonomy.

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As stakeholders dedicated to advancing higher education in Ghana, we call on the government to take action.
The government needs to rethink its approach and have a meaningful conversation with UTAG.
Other relevant parties, including TUTAG, are involved.

Our public universities’ future and the caliber of higher education in Ghana hinge on cooperative efforts that acknowledge the perspectives and expertise of all parties.

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The group said they’re committed to protecting the autonomy and integrity of our public universities, and they’ll keep pushing for policies that uphold the ideals of academic freedom, institution autonomy, and affordable learning for everyone.

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