Reasons Alan Kyeremanten Will Contest 2024 Election As An Independent Candidate

Alan Kyeremanten to Contest 2024 Election As An Independent Candidate

Former trade minster of Ghana, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, has officially resigned from the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) to contest for the 2024 general election as an independent candidate. In this context, I have stated some few reasons why Alan Kyeremanten will be contesting as an independent candidate for the 2024 election.

The former minster of trade and industry, Alan Kyeremanten, has officially resigned from the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Mr. Alan will then proceed to contest for the December 7th 2024 general elections as an independent candidate.

The former trade and industry minister disclosed in an official press conference that took place in Accra, that the nation, Ghana needs a new leader and that new leader is him, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten.

Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten also revealed some of the reasons why he decided to leave the governing New Patriotic Party to stand as an independent candidate.

Below, are some of the summarized reasons why Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten decided to resign from the NPP and stand as an independent candidate for the 2024 general elections.

 1. Move Ghana Beyond NPP and NDC

Over more than decades, the nation, Ghana has had only two dominating political parties, thus the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP). The former trade and industry minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, wants to move Ghana beyond these two political parties, hence, he will be standing as an independent candidate in the 2024 general elections.

2. To Promote National Unity

The visionary man, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, when elected as the President of Ghana, will promote national unity. There will be tolerance and unity between ethnic groups irrespective of their political affiliation. Both the rich and poor will, abled and physically challenged, young and old, men and women, all will be able to live in unity in Ghana if he is elected as the president of Ghana.

3. The Great Transformational Plan (GTP)

Alan Kyeremanten, will help build a great consensus which will help the private sectors and all business communities also be at the centre of national development.

Also, Alan Kyeremanten’s motto for his movement, is “Ghana Will Rise Again”. This motto portrays that, there is hope for the people of Ghana.

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