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School Placement Date for 2020 BECE graduates – Find it here

2020 SHS Placement FACTS

The 2020 School Placement date for BECE graduates is out, but not specific.

When will school placement for 2020 BECE candidates be out?

Per the academic calendar released by the Ministry of Education, all 2020 BECE graduates will be in school from March 10th, 2021.

The Ghana Education Service with the help of the Free SHS secretariate must release the school placements results ahead of reopening. This means the date will have to be officially announced through a press release by the GES. However, a near accurate projection of the time for the release of the placements for SHS1 students can be made based on the information available.


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We project that the school placements will be released before the end of February 2021.

This will afford parents and students ample time for preparation and visits to the respective schools for the necessary paper works.

Let us take a look at the 2021 academic calendar for only SHS1. It provides a very clear picture of the timelines for the release of the 2020 School Placements for BECE graduates.


From the SHS 1 only 2021 academic calendar, all SHS students are reporting to school on 10th March 2021. Now, below it, the Ministry of Education expects admission into SHS1 for the Free SHS to commence from January 2021.

This means that the Free SHS secretariat and other stakeholders have started work to place BECE graduates into respective schools that they have qualified for based on choices they made at the school choosing phases.

Once the school placements for 2021 are ready, it will be released not later than 28th February 2021.

What is the reopening date for SHS1 students? 

The reopening date for SHS1 students for the first semester is March 10th, 2021. This date further confirms the above analysis by GhanaEducation.Org that the 2020 School Placements for BECE graduates will be released before the end of February 2021.

When will SHS1 students vacate school in 2021? 

SHS students will vacate n 29th May 2021 to 29th June 2021 for the second semester break. The second semester for SHS1 students starts on 30th June 2020 till 30th November 2021.

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