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Show WASSCE results of your twins, Bukom Banku dares Afia Schwarzenegger

Show WASSCE results of your twins, Bukom Banku dares Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger has become a Free SHS ambassador haven enjoyed the benefits of the policy with her twins who just completed secondary school. Bukom Bankum, renowned Ghanaian box, entertainer, and TV host with GH One television threw a challenge to the celebrity to make the results of her twins in public.


Show WASSCE results of your twins started by Bukom Banku

In his post which went viral, he said, “Free SHS Ambassador, what did your twins get for WASSCE after enjoying Free SHS?

If both of them got even 2 B2s each in their individual results, I will vote for Nana Akuffo Addo.

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This call for the results of her twins expected with her consistent endorsement of the policy in recent times. Results of many brilliant students have flooded the internet and social media to prove that the Free SHS is delivering quality grades and many expected Afia Schwarzenegger to react by releasing the results.

However, events took a different turn as a young guy left a message on Afia’s Facebook page which smoked her out of her hide since Bukom Banku posted the challenge.

The young man’s comment paraphrased “If you have courage equal to the one you are using to propagate and endorse four more as well as Free SHS, show us the WASSCE results of your twins.” led to Afia coming out with an unprintable response.

Reacting to the comment by the troll identified by the name Theophilus Asiedu on Facebook, Afia Schwar revealed that the lowest of her twin boys’ grades is C3, giving the condition that she will post all if the troll shows his.

What caught the attention of readers in her response was the fact that she disclosed that the worse grade of her twins was C3. Strangely, there is no such grade in the WASSCE grading system.

The WAEC WASSCE grading system has the following

A1 – Excellent

B2 –  Very Good

B3 – Good

C4, C5, and C6 are interpreted as Credit.

D7 and E8 grades are interpreted as Pass by WAEC 

F9  – Fail

The confusion is whether she was referring to B3 or C4, Afia Schwarzenegger is yet to clarify the C3 she indicated.

Afia Schwarzenegger’s clue of the WASSCE results of her twins is yet to convince her critics, but she has tough skin and will not succumb to their trolling.

It is a fact that students are different and will make grades based on their academic abilities. Again, the fact that Afia Schwarzenegger is rooting for Free SHS as the elections draw nearer does not warrant attacks on her person and opinions.

It is important that we respect people’s views, choices, and opinions and that of Afia Schwarzenegger must also be respected.  She has the right to decide to show or not to show the WASSCE results of her twins.

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  1. Queen Afia just made a typing error and that one too a case meanwhile on similar page of the proof giver who describes the situation as CONFUSION also cause more confusion as we don’t have D8 in Ghana’s grading system.So take it easy for the Queen and her twins

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