Solve 2023 BECE Projected Social Studies Questions (Prove You Are Ready)

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As you get ready for the BECE, prove your readiness and progress by solving these 2023 BECE Projected Social Studies Questions.

Just in case you are unable to solve any of these questions, do yourself a lot of good by revising the topics the question was set from. Do not look out for the answers, instead revise the topics very well then come back and test yourself all over again.

In all instances, provide clearer explanations and do not write answers that have less than 10 words for any questions or points. Make sure each sentence you write as an answer provided enough information and not merely stating of a point.

If you do not follow this procedure, your answers will not earn the best of marks in each instance.

Solve 2023 BECE Projected Social Studies Questions

1. (a). Explain the term rural-urban drift 4 marks
(b). Outline four (4) effects of rural-urban drift 16 marks

2. (a). Define adolescent irresponsible behaviour 2 marks
(b). List three (3) adolescent irresponsible behaviours 3 marks(c).

Highlights five (5) causes of adolescent irresponsible behaviours in the community. 15 marks



Answer one question in this section
3. (a). Define the term migration of ethnic group 2 marks
(b). List three (3) of the major ethnic groups in Ghana 3 marks
(c). Outline five (5) benefits of migration of ethnic groups into Ghana. 15 marks


4. (a). What is a constitution? 4 marks
(b). Explain four(4) benefits of a constitution to a country. 16 marks



Answer one question in this section
5. (a). Explain the following
i. Education 2 marks
ii. Training 2 marks

(b). Outline four (4) factors responsible for law productivity at the workplace. 16 marks
6. (a). Differentiate between natural resources and human resources 4 marks
(b). Explain four (4) ways by which when human resources of a country could be developed. 16 marks

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Now that we have offered these questions for your revision, can you confidently say, you can and have solved these 2023 BECE Projected Social Studies Questions? If yes, show the answers to your teacher in your school.

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