Students loan in 30 minutes policy launched [Full details here]

Student Loan applicants to receive funds within 30 minutes after applying

Do you know student loan applicants are to receive their money or funds within 30 minutes after applying? Students who apply for financial support from the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) can now receive funds within 30 minutes after applying for the loan. The Ghana Education News ( can confirm that this was announced by the Ministry of Education as part of efforts to make the application process short, and responsive and to provide funds to students in record time.


Students loan in 30 minutes policy launched – The details

Mr. Yaw Opoku Mensah, the Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Education revealed in an interview he granted Oyerepa FM that, with the new systems put in place for processing Student Loan applications, the loans are disbursed within 30 minutes after a student has completed the application process and have met all requirements.

“It takes only 30 minutes to complete filling your student loan form, provided you have all the requirements to complete it. On that very day, within the next 30 minutes, you will receive the money to pay your school fees to continue your studies”. Mr. Yaw Opoku Mensah indicated while responding to questions.

The new policy was launched on June 8th at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Students who also want to procure their own laptops can seek the services and support of the (SLTF) for help, since there is a facility like that. Check all the details by reading [How to apply for the SLTF Laptop or Smartphone]

The process for applying for the laptop from (SLTF) as provided in the link above comes with the form for application. While explaining the work of the (SLTF) Mr. Opoku also said “We [SLTF) also offer laptops for students. These are all part of the new package”.

In a related development, the need for a guarantor before a tertiary student can access SSNIT loans for his or her education has been scrapped.  Applicants, therefore, do not need any form of collateral. All a student needs is his or her Ghana card, admission letter, and other school-related details.





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