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Top 8 Study Skills To Survive SHS1 for BECE Graduates

Study Skills To Survive SHS1 for BECE Graduates

Surviving SHS1 for BECE Graduates does not come easy. These students who are in Senior High School 1 haven passed the BECE need top skills to whether the storm.

All students in SHS and universities who are struggling with their studies will also find this article useful.

At the Senior High School, basic school graduates entering SHS1 will find out that the learning environment in SHS is quite different. As a result, it requires top study skills to shape your focus and pitch you for a better school experience.

Making the grades, enjoying the three years of secondary education, and coming out as a proud, refined student for university education will be dependent on your gains from your study skills and discipline.

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It is said that 9.9 students out of turn who are disciplined are successful with their academics.

8 Study Skills To Survive SHS1

In this well-researched article, we will provoke your desire to excel by giving you ten top study skills to guide you in school.

Below are the 8 Study Skills To Survive SHS1. If followed, it can help can produce success in school and propel you for higher education.

1. Effective and Efficient Time Management

Time spent in school is a critical non-renewable resource. Ones misused or wasted, it never comes back or gets replenished.

The effective management of time by Free SHS students makes the difference between good and bad students.

How to manage time as a student

a. Create a personal timetable for learning based on your free periods.

b. Allocate time for hobbies such as sports, entertainment, and others.

c. Be committed to the timetable but make room for and permit reasonable adjustments.

By doing these basic time management activities, you ensure effective and efficient usage of your time at school for study. Keep an eye on your daily plans and do your best to follow them.

Manage your time wisely and get the maximum out of each day.

2. Good Study Habits

Students with bad study habits, low key focus, lack of self-determination and high levels of inferiority complex do not do well in school.

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To succeed academically, SHS1 Students and others in school at all levels need to cultivate good study skills.

Good study habits include these basics:

a. Never go to class or lectures unprepared, Also, do well to attend class on a regular basis.

b. Take part in group and individual assignments and complete them on time.

c. Reviews lecture or subject notes given or written on a regular basis.

d. Revise the last lesson or lecture before the next class.

e. Don’t pile up notes till exams are approaching. Cramping at the last hour doesn’t help.

f. Get a time table for personal learning.

g. Don’t wait till you have a take-home assignment or a test before you start learning.

3. Study Skills: Set Attainable Goals for the Semester

A student with learning or academic goals is like a traveler without a map and a compass.

Set targets for your academic work that are achievable and work at it. Don’t set too easy to achieve targets. For example, Don’t set a target to score 50 marks in mathematics. It’s too simplistic.

Again, do not stress yourself with very high goals. Know they self and push your goal a notch higher.

Over-hyped targets may lead to frustration and disappointment.

4. Concentration during lessons 

To succeed in school and during every lesson or lecture, listen to your teacher attentively and let the lesson engage your attention.

Also, stay focused and be sure you understand the lesson. Ask questions to clarify the understanding you are gaining and clear doubts.

5. Note-Taking is a great is part of Good Study Skills

Taking notes during lessons helps keep records of useful information regarding the lesson.

Only write the important information and don’t attempt to write everything the teacher or lecturer says. In the same vein, check your note with others to fill in the gaps.

6. Completion of Assignments

Teachers assign homework or take-home assignments to test your understanding. In addition, they use it to know where you lack it and polish them up before going to the next lesson. Most importantly, remember that failing to do these assignments will mean the teacher cannot tell your level of understanding.

7. Review of Daily Notes

Don’t wait until the examination before you start preparing. Top study skills to survive SHS1 and excel at secondary school is to study using the piecemeal method. That is to say,  study the content in smaller volumes or quantities and start early; thus right at the start of the semester so that you don’t stress yourself and rush the preparation at the last hour.

8. In addition to the above, organizational yourself, be motivated, and challenge yourself. Give off your best and be committed to the goal of being in school. Also, limit boy-girl relations very close to ground zero and make your books the best of friends.

Likewise, Keep well-organized study materials (calculator, planner, books, notebooks, laptop, etc.) and study area. For instance, have one convenient place and keep a healthy learning environment.

Moreover, Senior High School is fun, but it is one place where you can set yourself ready for higher education. As a result, start well, continue with that momentum and focus and complete on a high note.

In conclusion, if you develop bad study habits and break the rules above, chances are that you may be failing the exams and heading out for a resit whiles your colleagues are moving forward. Do not be left behind.

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