Teacher Takes NTC, GES, and Attorney General to Court Over Proposed Deductions

Teacher Takes NTC, GES, and Attorney General to Court Over Proposed Deductions

A teacher and a founder of Innovative Teacher Union field, Stephen Densu, legal suit against the National Teaching Council (NTC), Ghana Education Service (GES), and Attorney General over proposed deductions from the Professional development along the sweet creations the legal authority for deductions and adversaries the need for transparency in the progress process.


Stephen Densu, an educator and the founder of the Innovative Teachers Union, has taken legal action against the National Teaching Council (NTC), Ghana Education Service(GES), and the Attorney General over a proposed reductions from the professional development allowance.

The lawsuit challenges the legal basis for these deductions and advocates for transparency in the decision-making process.

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Proposed deductions

 The teacher union including the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), and the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), had submitted a petition proposing deductions from the professional development allowance.

The deductions including 150 Ghana cedis for three national CDP day training, 200 Ghana cedis for a licence card, 100 Ghana cedis for licence renewal, and 50 Ghana cedis for registration of teachers. The total deduction would amount to 500 Ghana cedis from the 1,200 Ghana cedis professional development allowance.


Legal challenge

Stephen Densu’s legal suit challenges the authority of the National Teaching Council, and Ghana Education Service to make these deductions, citing the absence of a Legal Instrument (LI).

He contends that the National Teaching Council (NTC), and the Ghana Education Service (GES) lack the legal mandate to implement such deductions and questions the right of teacher union to authorise deductions on behalf of teachers.

Importance of professional development

While Stephen Densu acknowledges the importance of professional development for teachers, he emphasizes the need for a clear legal framework and proper authorisation for any deductions.  This legal challenge aims to ensure that the rights and interests of teachers are protected in the decision-making process.


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Past president

Stephen Densu refers to pass instances, such as the controversial One Teacher One Laptop project, where teachers’ interests were allegedly not adequately considered. The legal action is seen as measures to prevent leeches from being taken from granted in financial matters.

The legal challenge initiated by Stephen Densu highlights the ongoing debate surrounding proposed deductions from the professional development allowance.

As the case unfolds, it brings attention to the need for transparent and legally sound process in the decisions affecting teachers’ financial matters.

The lawsuits May set a precedent for how such reductions are handled in the future, emphasising the importance of legal clarity and teacher representation in policy decisions.


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