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Teacher Unions Loudly Silent On Textbooks But Very Loud On Rasta Hair (VIDEO)

Teacher Unions Loudly Silent On Textbooks But Very Loud On Rasta Hair
A commentator on TV3’s Morning Show, Newday has questioned the Teacher Unions in Ghana and their loud silence on the lack of textbooks for teaching and learning in schools.

Teacher Unions Silent On Textbooks

The teacher unions have been quiet about the textbooks for nearly two years after the curriculum was changed.
According to the commentator, teacher unions have found their voices because a student with rasta hair is seeking to be enrolled in Achimota SHS.
He was of the view that the unions have failed to perform their most important duty between the two issues.
Teachers have had to look for materials where ever possible to prepare lesson plans because the government has failed to provide the needed textbooks.
The two Rastafarian students have helped them GNAT, NAGRAT, and the rest to find their voices. According to the commentator, the unions should direct their newfound energy and voice toward the government, NaCCA, and the GES and call for the provision of textbooks.
Teachers have been generally divided on whether the two students should be permitted to enroll in the school with their hair.

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This is what a teacher shared on the issue above on social media [Slightly edited for editorial purposes]
Herrrrrr…I couldn’t agree with u more.
Teachers have been suffering in class when it comes to teaching because there are no textbooks teachers to rely on. But our mother unions are very loudly silent on that.
But observe the kind of press conferences they are making on students wearing dreadlocks.
The energy with which you are talking about these dreadlock issues: if you channel half of that energy in fighting for textbooks for teachers, we wouldn’t have been here complaining about those unapproved textbooks in the market.
We are in the 10th week now and we don’t know the date for training JHS 1 teachers on the new curriculum. JHS one  teachers don’t know what to teach them simply because the CCP hangs in the balance.

Teacher Unions Silent On Textbooks:
Two years of silence without action deserves a wake-up. Let us see and feel your efforts towards addressing the lack of textbooks. It is affecting more learners than the rasta hair of two students.

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