The Country Closest To The Moon

The Country Closest To The Moon

There is one country on the planet that is much closer to the moon than the others. This country is located in South America. Let’s take a look at the closest country to the moon.

Ecuador is the closest country to the moon. The point in Ecuador that is closest to the moon is Mount Chimborazo. Although many would suspect that Mount Everest should take this place, but this mountain is only the tallest above sea level.

On the other hand, Mount Chimborazo is much further away from the center of the Earth, making it the point on Earth that has the smallest distance to the moon.

Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador, is an inactive, stratovolcano that lies in Ecuador. It was believed to have erupted many times in early Earth, but the last time that it erupted was 1,400 years ago. This volcano lies near the equator, where the Earth has a slight bulge compared to the rest of the globe.

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The normal distance from earth to moon is 384,400km. But the distance between the earth and moon is much closer.

You may think that Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain in the world is not the closest to the moon.

Let’s take more about Ecuador.

Gravity in Ecuador is a bit low. Also live in Ecuador is quite not easy, especially for tourists. Getting closer to the moon also means getting closer to the sun. This causes more sunburn to people. There is also less air and oxygen. Cars somethings drive slower.

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This doesn’t mean that when spaceships and rockets need to be placed in Ecuador before it is launched to the moon. Humans last landed on the Moon during the Apollo Program, a series of crewed exploration missions carried out from 1969 to 1972. Lunar orbit has seen uninterrupted presence of orbiters since 2006, performing mainly lunar observation and providing relayed communication for robotic missions on the lunar surface.

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