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The Demon In Charge Of Betting Finally Disclose By Ajagurajah


A spiritual Prophet based in Ghana has made known the true identity of the demon in Charge of Betting.

Betting has been condemned by several religious bodies in Ghana and outside Ghana. It is clear that the Christian Religion does not accept its members to engage in betting. The story is not different from the Islamic Religion. The demon in charge of betting. Betting is demonic.

The Islamic Religion has various scriptures in its Holy Book that speak against betting and encourage the youth to engage in massive work with their hands and minds in other to gain huge in return. It is always not advisable to rely on betting as a means of survival. Prophet Siama who is famously known as Prophet Ajagurajah has finally disclosed the real identity of the demon in charge of betting as he drops more facts and secrets about the said demon.

According to Prophet Ajagurajah, betting is not just by game. Betting is about the spiritual welfare of which it is being manipulated by a demon. Many youths in this country do not know and they do not make enough inquiries to find out what they are doing.

Prophet Ajagurajah revealed that the demon in charge of betting is known as Assimodis. The demon has powers to control events when it comes to betting and everyone who honors the demon with its desire is always at the top to win more bets daily.

Take a look at the demon named Assimodis revealed by Prophet Ajaguragah.


“Income obtained from betting is mostly used for fun and it will always be difficult for you to do something profitable from the proceeds obtained from betting. Going to church to play to the almighty God to help you win a bet is out of order because God almighty hates betting and betting is being controlled by a demon known as Assimodis. The demon has a percentage of 5% and when given,  you will be on an advantage to win bet aways”. – Prophet Ajagurajah stated.

Christians and Muslims should understand that betting is not just ordinary as they see it. It goes beyond the physical world.  Demon in charge of Betting.

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