The Fight Is Ours; Black Sherif Sends A Bold Message To Government

The Battle Is Ours; Black Sherif Sends A Bold Message To Government.

Who will speak for the voiceless and who will fight for the work? Black Sherif sends a bold message to the Government. The message of Black Sherif is simple and clear and he is asking for clarification on certain issues about how the resources in the country are being managed and utilized by our leaders.

Black Sherif Speaks about what he encountered in New York with the President of Ghana. According to Black Sherif, he heard the president mentioning a large amount of money at the UN conference in New York City. According to Black Sherif, he hasn’t heard such a big amount that the president is requesting from the UN and where will the money go if UN should give such huge figures to the President.

In the words of Black Sherif, the fight is in the hands of Ghanaians (Citizens) and we must arise to take action. However, Black Sherif further wondered how the government is using the police service to intimidate, beat,  and arrest innocent citizens who are asking for accountability.

The Battle Is Ours; Black Sherif Sends A Bold Message To Government.

Let us take note of the exact words of Blavk Sherif as posted on his Twitter page.

“Left the UN Conference in New York City right after the President Of Ghana’s presentation. I have never heard a figure like what he asked for from the UN. So if them carry all these moneys give them, where them dey take pass? Hand on my heart as I tell you there is no evidence for all these months these people them dey take in our name. And if the people whose struggle you document to ask for the money, want accountability, you send Koti make dem dey beat them? Lords knows this battle is ours. Wonna go hear am”.

This is a good call from Black Sherif. However, Black Sherif bold message to the government have sparked different reactions from Ghanaians across the country. The truth must be told and Ghanaians must stay alert in all cases. A lot is going on in this country and we must not stay mute for the corruption and numerous scandals to continue.

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