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The types of wisdom you have or lack and what it does to you

Being a wise person does not mean behaving and living like Ananse; knowing the types of wisdom you have or lack helps you know the status of your wisdom.

The individual who has experience, understanding, and good judgment can be said to be wise.

The four types of wisdom


Earthly wisdom

It is said to be the basic kind of all wisdom. It is also known as earthly wisdom around the world, as “common sense.”

As the name implies, it should be common wisdom for daily wise decisions, but unfortunately,

“Common sense is not common to common people” thus not everyone has common sense, which is basic wisdom. All humans are to first and foremost have this kind of wisdom.

It is really sad when one hears or is told that he or she did not apply common sense to what he or she is doing. This is serious as the individual is being told that his way of thinking lacks basic wisdom, which serves as the foundation to gaining advanced wisdom.

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Wisdom produces solutions. The four main types of wisdom are earthly wisdom (common sense),

Intellectual wisdom

This wisdom is exhibited through spoken words, pronouncements, and statements one makes. Often, this is learned through schooling, training, or related activity.

People who are told “You do not know how to talk” are indirectly being told, they lack intellectual wisdom. When you have this kind of wisdom, you do not talk unless you have something valuable to say. If you are the free talking, they who make no meaningful contributions to a discussion yet you keep talking, you lack this wisdom. People may lack this wisdom during a given occasion or situation. When that occurs, you are better off not saying anything than talking.

Diabolic wisdom

This is the wisdom of wickedness. This wisdom is evil, used to manipulate others. Some acquire it out of constantly doing bad things and soon it becomes part of them. Momo fraudsters, workplace thieves, pickpockets are examples of persons who harbour creative and diabolic wisdom. They are always thinking of how to manipulate systems for their personal gain. Some politicians have diabolic wisdom as well.Wicked persons are always operating within the diabolic spectrum.


Divine wisdom

The reality is that every human operates more in his earthly wisdom spectrum. Teachers, lawyers, journalists, just a few to mention operate in their intellectual wisdom spectrum after acquiring knowledge.

Divine wisdom is superior to all the other forms of wisdom. It is valuable than money and priceless. It emanates from God. In the days of Egypt and the famine, Joseph operated in the divine wisdom spectrum, while money continued to fail in his days.  Thus divine wisdom is given by God.

It is this wisdom that generates the needed power to create wealth. It is the source of countless rich and rare ideas. It opens the mind to the right learning, understanding, and knowledge.

The probability that all the other wisdom will fail is high, but divine wisdom provides the lasting solution to problems.

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Those who operate at this level of wisdom can effectively combine earthly wisdom, intellectual and divine wisdom to do good and meaningful deeds and projects.

However, once, diabolic wisdom is connected to this, evil thoughts, deeds, and outcomes become the fruits of wisdom.


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