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Training for a Teaching License will Begin at UEW

Training for a Teaching License will Begin at UEW

The Ghana Association of Private Schools (GNACOPS) and the University of Education (UEW) have agreed to train private school teachers to get a teaching license from the National Teaching Council (NTC)

The agreement for private school teachers was agreed on during a meeting between Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah, the leader of GNACOPS, and Professor Hinneh Kusi, the head of the university. They talked about important things related to education.

We talked about starting education leadership training for private school owners and administrators to follow the rules and provide good education.

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The talk talked about goals for training programs, ways to work together, creating curriculum, how to get resources, and how to get money. We talked about ways to keep checking and evaluating how well students are doing in school so they can keep getting better.

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The news comes after a group of six teachers from UEW created a program to teach more private school teachers who didn’t have any formal education. They did this through the Ghana National Council of Private Schools.

The people in the University who made the program are Professor George Kankam, who heads the School of Graduate Studies, Professor Samuel K. Hayford, and Professor Samuel K. Hayford, who heads the Faculty of Education; and Professor Samuel K. Hayford, who heads the Science Education Department.

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Others are Prof. Ruby Hanson, Prof. Sakina Acquah, Dr. Yayra Dzakadzie, and Dr. Richard Addai-Mununkum.

UEW will teach untrained teachers in private schools in Ghana for three semesters. The teachers will be trained to meet the teacher standards set by the Ministry of Education through the National Teaching Council (NTC)

The trainees would do the program for three sessions that lasted six weeks each. Each semester, they would get 27 credits. The trainees would be tested after each session, and their grades would add up over three sessions. The trainees who did well would get a Diploma in Basic Education.

If you meet the minimum requirements, you will automatically be accepted into the program. If you are over 25, you can take a test called the Mature Students Entrance Exam and get admitted if you do well.

But people who don’t fit into one of the two groups will have the chance to take an Access Course for three weeks. After that, they will be checked and accepted as qualified students.

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If you finish the Diploma in Basic Education, you can go on to the Bachelor of Education in Basic Education. You need to pay for one year more to get the degree. If you have a degree but don’t have a job, you can get a postgraduate diploma in Education through the program to become a professional.

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