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8 Months of Unpaid Nursing Training Allowance -Trainees cry for Allowa

Unpaid Nursing Training Allowance

Students in the nursing training colleges are waiting anxiously for their training allowances that have not been paid for the past 8 months. Information gathered by this portal from beneficiaries of the allowance that was reintroduced by the government is that life in school has become very tough and unbearable for many students who depend on the allowances for survival.

In July 2020, final year nursing training students complained of the delay of their area, which they needed to be able to settle their fees. Another 10 months later, students are complaining of their unpaid allowance that spans 8 months leading to hardship. According to students, the earlier the stipend is paid, and the delay is cut short, the better for them. 

The nursing training allowances in arrears according to the students span from October 2020 to date.

Most students use the allowance to pay their fees, while others use portions of it to cater for their books and school supplies. 

Some of the allowances help to pay our school fees and it is the major source of income for fees paid by most students.” one of the beneficiaries said.

‘The allowance serves as pocket money for students who have lost their parents and are caring for themselves” Another added. 

The reintroduction of the allowance for nursing students was a piece of welcomed news however, the 8 months delay in paying the allowance is having a toll on students’ academic work, concentration, and lives on campus. 

They have called on President Nana Addo to intervene to ensure his promise is fulfilled monthly


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As of Mid year in 2020, the government of Ghana had been close to 526 million Ghanaian cedis (GHS) (90.2 and 74.2 million U.S. dollars) as nursing training allowance.




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