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Wesley Girls saga: SHSs now bigger than GES, MoE – Kofi Asare

Following the decision of the Methodist Church of Ghana to reject directives for Wesley Girls SHS to permit Muslim students to fast during Ramadan, a policy analyst has indicated that orders of the GES no longer potent since schools decide whether they want to go by it or not.

In a Social Media post, Mr. Kofi Asare said, “So Wesley Girls too say they are above the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ministry of Education (MoE), so the GES directive is beans.”


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Mr. Asare, who is the Executive Director of Education Think Tank, Africa Education Watch passed the comment after asked Senior High Schools to permit all schools to allow their Muslim students to freely participate in the ongoing Ramadan fasting.

However, the Methodist Church of Ghana, the owners of the school after a closed-door meeting on Tuesday the school’s rules do not permit students to fast while on campus and that the rule will not be compromised.

“The school rule in question is a long-standing one which is also non -religious and various renowned Muslim ladies in Ghana have passed through the school adhering to such a rule,” Methodist stated in a release.

The church added that the school is what is it today due to its policies that have stood the test of time for the school’s 186 years of existence.


In this regard, the church has advised the Ghana Education Service to respect the Wesley Girls SHS long-standing relationship between the government and the mission schools.


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