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Six (6) Warning Signs You Are Not Living Your Best Life

Life is made up of routines, and more often than not, we can cruise through the day without having to exert much effort because, well, that’s how awesome our brains and muscle memory are. This is both amazing, and dangerous. It’s dangerous because we may start forming habits that aren’t the best for us, or are detrimental in the long run without noticing. Think about the days when you would crack your knuckles, bite your nails, or always (without fail) reach for the phone to dial an ex after a long, boozy, night out. Habits that we set help to determine not just our day, but our overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

If you feel that recently you’ve been on auto-pilot, and you’d like to be woken up back to living your best life, here are a few warning signs to look out for.

living your best life

Do you know there are signs to prove you are not living your best life? Many people today are a pale shadow of themselves and do not have any success to show for all their hard works.

Living is a gift offered to all of us. But it is also a responsibility. Every living being gets designed to contribute to the sustainability of our ecosystem. As humans, we have a more colossal responsibility, which is to ensure the world is a safe place. But how most people live for nothing is a mystery no one has uncovered or bothered to understand. These are six (6) signs you might live for nothing. 

Six (6) Warning Signs You Are Not Living Your Best Life


#1 You Just Want to Be Successful 

To have a successful life has always been the primary purpose of every living creature, especially humans.  From the beginning of time, humans have always wanted to be the best at what they do or the best around in the eyes of everyone and sometimes at any price. 

However, this laudable desire has become the only reason many people live. They believe success is everything, and the end justifies the means. So, therefore, if cheating in school to pass exams works, or enslaving and suppressing the poor is an easy option, or embezzling government funds is an opportunity, they take their chances without shame just to appear successful.

Such tendencies are futile and destructive. Many who embraced success with that vision had ended up disgraced or wretched. The likes of Benito Mussolini of Italy, Adolf Hitler of Germany, Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, now DR Congo, tasted success by crook or hook temporarily. They found out that they lived for nothing by stealing their successes to the detriment of innocent lives. Are you living your best life

#2 The Progress of Others Unsettles You 

When we get concerned about how our direct competitors are succeeding and we try to work harder to beat them, it is a healthy process to become successful. But most people do not want to compete. They rather want to stay on the spot where they are and pull those in front back to their level and down behind them. 

If you always get worried about how your course mates are doing better than you and your evil thoughts will soon animate them and lose focus of your purpose in life. Not every competition we can win. We are all born with a gift. We all have a race we can win. Find yours and become the best at it. 

So, it is living for nothing to envy your classmates, colleagues, competitors who are doing better than you when you can work as hard as them or discover what you can also do and be successful at it. If you hate others because they are successful, you are living for nothing. You have no purpose in life. You don’t know how blessed you are; you are a fraud living on credit in a world you’re supposed to help keep safe. 

#3 You Want the Lion Share

Everybody likes to have the lion’s share. But this must get earned. Even the lion earns its share by protecting the pride against predators or enemies. But if in your case, you just feel discontent each time sharing occurs and they do not give you the lion’s share, you surely have a problem. 

To want everything for oneself is greed, a state of insecurity that motivates us to be desperate for everything. This person is blind. Not but purposes. Keeping your eyes on the lion’s share means having your eyes in the accounts of others and wanting theirs as yours. In some parts of Africa, you could easily become a wizard or a witch. Watch your taste. 

Most of us don’t realize how dangerous our appetite for more can take away our humanity and lead us to perdition. When we embrace this tendency, it sets us to cheat, steal, even kill, have more money, houses, cars, and more everything but less life. Don’t you know anyone in your neighbourhood who has gained everything easily and quickly but is no longer around? Well, while many earn their bread honestly quickly, most don’t. And the latter live for nothing. 

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#4 You Can Withhold the Key to the Progress of Others

Many a time, most of us are in positions to release the keys to the progress and breakthroughs of others, but how just a few of us release those keys in time and wholeheartedly is an enigma. To most people who find themselves in these positions, let’s name lectures, members of a jury of any kind, head of any company, president of any association, etc., the chance to own those keys no matter how brief the duration, represents an opportunity to abuse their positions.

Most people have loathed this attitude from other people, but most have also behaved the same way towards others when they can simply “not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in their power to act.” Proverbs 3:27. When you understand that being part of the success and happiness of others meant success for you, you live for something. 

Many of us only derive our happiness from the failure of others. We want others to admit, recognize us as their saviour, their demigod without whom they would be nothing, nobody. Yet, we hope and sometimes demand that someone in position responds to our prayers. That is hypocrisy. The trouble is that we don’t realize this in us, but only in others. 

#5. Everything angers and annoys you

You get annoyed by literally everything: genuine advice given by a friend, parent or teacher, your child’s poor grades at school, the weather outside, and the colour of your nail polish. You easily lose your temper and you go from crying to raging and back again.

A constant search for the negative in your surrounding world speaks of unsolved problems that bother you and spill out into nitpicking and aggression. All this will stop if you honestly admit to yourself what worries you and eliminate this problem.

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#6. You became a prisoner of your phone

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School found out that people who spend over one hour a day on social networks are more prone to depression. The notions of the life of others that are formed when scrolling through the news feed on social media evoke a feeling of envy and a distorted belief that other people live a more bright and successful life than you do.

This constant fixation on your phone can cause low self-esteem, nervous breakdowns, and a sense of total loneliness. Try to be offline more often: this will make you happier.

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This is the lesson. It is all good to have a seat to see through ourselves who we really might be outside and whether our lifestyle is useful to humanity. This is important because nothing in this world matters except what makes the world safe. If our actions are making the world unsafe and destroying the fabric of our ecosystem, we are living not just for nothing, but we are also monsters in human bodies. And we don’t want to be that, do we? 

We hope this article on Six (6) Warning Signs You Are Not Living Your Best Life was helpful.


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