What is Self Placement Option of School Placement: All you need to know

Self Placement Option of School Placement : Free SHS Self Placement

What is Self Placement Option of School Placement: All you need to know. When the School placement status of BECE graduates is released, it comes with an option that required candidates to do a manual placement into a school of their choice.

This second window of being placed in a school is provided using the CSSPS to all students who for one reason or the other were not placed in any of the five schools they chose although they passed the examination.

When a student is not placed in any of the schools chosen but meets the basic requirements for placement, he or she is offered an opportunity to choose one school from those available.

First, the candidate must choose a region he or she wants to be placed. The schools available for placement will pop up for the region.

The candidate must also choose a programme from a school if that programme (General Arts, Business, General Science etc) has vacancies.

The next step would be to choose a prefered accommodation thus Day or Boarding.

Once the student is satisfied with the process, he or she is supposed to click on submit/proceed/finish depending on which one is used in the system.

The student gets placed in the chosen school, programme and is offered accommodation type chosen if it is available.

Often, there are many candidates online at a particular time going through the self-placement module to choose a school.

As they make their choices and get approval, schools in the database which were added to the BECE self placement schools will begin to disappear from the system.

This is an indication that the school has reached its capacity and can not admit any student again.

Often schools presumed to be very good disappear very early during the self placement. This is one of the reasons why candidates and parents must be proactive and check the placement once it is released. Just in case a student is not placed but has the opportunity to do the self-placement, complete it and make a good choice.

One way to make a good choice is to try out your second, third and fourth choice schools in the self placement if they are available but have other programmes you can offer.

For example, if a student chose WASS and General Science but was not placed, it is possible to find WASS in the schools in the Self placement Database but with vacancies for Business, or General Arts.

We have this informative article:  on what to do when the placement results are out. Read and get ready for it.

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How to do Self Placement Option of School Placement 











STEP3: ENTER E-VOUCHER AND INDEX NUMBER Self Placement Option and how it is done




STEP4: If you are not automatically placed, you will be directed to the self placement module.

Self Placement Option and how it is done




STEP5: Confirm and print your selection. Note that you can make changes after you even print the placement.

Self Placement Option and how it is done



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