10 Inspirational Quotes of Pastor Mensa Otabil

10 Inspirational Quotes of Pastor Mensah Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil is the head pastor of ICGC. Let’s take a look at 10 inspirational quotes of Pastor Mensa Otabil during his ministries.

1. “Don’t allow laziness to prevent you from achieving your full potential. Rise up and apply yourself to your work. Hard work is the surest route to success”

2. “Don’t let anyone take your Christianity as a sign of weakness”

10 Inspirational Quotes of Pastor Mensah Otabil

3. “If God has never forsaken any of His servants in the past, then He will not forsake you today. God will remain faithful to you to the end. He will not fail to make good on a single one of His promises.”

4. “The truths of God are like the law of gravity. They never become irrelevant with time. Many have trusted in their own wisdom and failed, but those who pursue the wisdom of God experience peace and prosperity”

5. “To be fruitful means to grow, blossom and be productive. It means to produce results that are beneficial and profitable”

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6. “Leadership is not about positions and having people bow to you. It’s not about having titles conferred on you! Leadership is about service! It is about helping people fulfill their God-given purpose.”

7. “Go out there and be the best that God created you to be. Be exceptional. Be excellent. Be a leader. Rise up to the occasion and make a difference”

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8. “I was born to make a difference. I am on this earth to break old patterns and to set new paths. I think generational because I know I have a special calling upon my life. As a wise master builder, I build the right and formidable foundations for the future. I am a Generational Leader.”

9. “This is my season. Whatever I put my hands to do, it shall prosper. I have favor before God and men. I am a bundle of blessings. Through me, generations shall be blessed because as for me and my house we shall serve the Living God.”

10. “Christianity is not about following a great teacher or philosopher. It is about acknowledging Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

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