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2020 BECE Placements: Release Date, Shortcode & How to check

CSSPS self-placement -2020 SHS placement E-vouchers

2020 BECE Placements is on the mind of every Junior High School graduate who completed school in 2020. This is so because the placement will offer them the opportunity to move to the Senior High School to further their education. 

Since WAEC released the results of the 2020 BECE on December 16th, 2020, the question on the minds of students is when is the release date for the 2020 BECE Placements.

What is the 2020 BECE Placements Release Date? has attempted to answer this question time and again however, it keeps coming back. The placements are expected to be released latest by the end of February 2021.

When the 2020 BECE Placements are out, students are to buy the school placement checker code which will be used to access their placement status. 

If a student is placed, he or she must print the CSSPS placement forms. The printed forms from the school placement portal will have details about your 2020 BECE Placement on them.

This will include the school you have been placed in, the program offered, the type of accommodation, and the raw score you obtained. But do you know how to check your placement? 

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In case you want a shortcode for buying the placement card or want to buy the placement checker card, chat WHATSAPP for help.

How to check the 2020 BECE Placements status online

To check the CSSPS placement results also known as the 2020 BECE Placements for those who complete basic school in 2020.

1. Get the placement checker card.

2. Log onto the CSSPS placement portal >>>

3. Enter your 10-digits BECE index number followed by the year you sat for the examination. e.g. 100000000020. Where the 20 at the end represents 2020. 

4. Enter the eVoucher purchased. This is the code on the school placement checker you bought.  

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5. Cross check to ensure you have entered all the details correctly and hit the Proceed button to continue.

6. Wait for a while for the new window to load your 2020 BECE Placements status.

7. If placed, go ahead to print it or save it as a PDF document for later printing.


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What is the best browser for access the placement?

When accessing the 2020 BECE Placements status, use Google Chrome Browser.  It is the fastest and best browser for checking the placement. 

If so many people are trying to access the school placement during the day, the traffic to the site leads to delays. Keep trying but do not make mistakes with the index number since that may waste the checker and compel you to buy another one. 

The best times to print the placements are in the evening, dawn, or early morning. These are the periods when traffic to the website is low and so it works well.

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When there are so many people accessing the website for their placement status, the site may return Error 502 with the image below.

2020 BECE Placements Release Date, Shortcode & How to check

Remember that, your BECE Placements status can be used unlimited times. 

All the best as you wait for the official release of school placement results/status. 


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