2023 WASSCE: 10+ Objective Questions For English Language

2023 WASSCE, English Language questions

The English Language paper for the 2023 WASSCE will begin today, and here are some ten objective (section A) questions to try ahead of the English Language paper.

The paper 1 will comprise 80 questions. The paper will also be composed of two parts, part A and B. The part A is made of five sections and part B is mainly about Literature and the drama books.

Part A of the English Language paper 1 is composed of five sections, thus, antonyms part, the best suitable part, synonym, most appropriate answer, and filling the gap.

The B is also made up of the Literature and drama aspect of the English Language syllabus. Questions will be set under each of the following books;

  • CHARLES DICKENS: Great Expectations
  • WILLIAM, SHAKESPEARE: Merchant of Venice.
  • BILL MARSHALL: The Son of Umbele
  • ANDREW MARVEL: The Definition of Love
  • PERCY B. SHELLY: Ozymandias
  • ROBERT FROST: The Road Not Taken
  • JAMES STEPHENS: What Tomas Said in a Pub
  • SYLVIA PLATH: Mirror
  • KOFI AWOONOR: The Weaver Bird
  • GABRIEL OKARA: Once Upon a Time
  • OSWALD MBUYISENI MTSHALI: Nightfall in Soweto
  • DAVID RUBADIRI: An African Thunderstorm

English Language objectives sample questions 

1. The Head of Department, Madam Suzy, was given a standing ………….. After her speech.


B. position

C. order

D. ovation

2. The birds can …………… from a great height straight into water.

A. descend

B. glide

C. dive

D. leap

3. While observing the performance, the headmistress made several ………. Remarks.


B. complimentary

C. containing

D. contending

4. Mosquitoes …………. In a dirty environment.

A. grow

B. breed

C. engender

D. fester

5. The students confirmed that I ……………… them their books they paid for.

A. would supply

B. will supply

C. had supplied

D. was supplied

6. When Barbara saw the accident victims, she was reduced ……….. tears.

A. at

B. by

C. in

D. to

7. ……………… for henrys bravery, Eunice would have drowned.

A. being

B. thanks

C. so

D. but

8. The government has adopted ………… Measures to control inflation in the country.

A. fallible

B. burdensome

C. stringent

D. tasking

9. Nana Adwoa was put ……….. By her friend’s incessant chatter.

A. through

B. off

C. down

D. in

10. Many countries refused to …………….. The new president.

A. repute

B. recognize

C. negotiate

D. interact

11. After Sir Fish had quarrelled with his mother-in-law, he decided to keep his distance. This means that he decided to be

A. hostile

B. friendly

C. reserved

D. apologetic

12. The old Catholic priest truly had his heart in the right place. This means that his intentions were

A. kind and sincere,

B. sharp and thorough

C. clear and simple

D. focused and direct

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