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2023 WASSCE Projected Biology Questions To Watch Out For

2023 WASSCE Projected Biology Questions To Watch Out For 2022 WASSCE Biology sample questions with answers for candidates

The 2023 WASSCE for school candidates is ongoing and Science students preparing for the examination should take a critical look at the 2023 WASSCE Projected Questions To Watch Out For in this post.

Revision is key and using these questions to help you do that will help test your readiness with some likely examination questions.

These questions are not leaked questions but instead carefully selected questions from projected topics for candidates.

Work hard as you prepare for the WASSCE Biology paper and do not leave any topic unrevised because WAEC can throw anything at you so far as it is in the syllabus.


What Are the WASSCE 2023 Biology Questions To Try?


Let’s take a look at the first set of 2023 WASSCE Projected Questions

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1. Define the following
Alternation of generations
Population dynamics


2. Advantages and Disadvantages of outbreeding and in-breeding

3. Functions of
Hinge joint
Ball and socked
Gliding joint
Fixed joint

4. Functions of

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2023 WASSCE Projected Biology Questions – Set Two

5. Four examples between Organelles and Enzymes

6. Glycolis and Krebs cycle

7. Parents’ genotype
AO * BO what are the genotype offsprings

8. Medel first and second law

9. How to correct short and long-sightedness


We hope these questions have helped you know what you need to revise just incase you forgot these areas.

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