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22nd National Address: Close down schools tops requests on Twitter

22nd National Address Close down schools tops requests on Twitter

The 22nd National Address by President Nana Addo, this evening has been met with the usual Ghanaian reactions and requests.

Chief among them is the call for schools to be closed down. However, we do not expect this to happen because these requests are not based on any data.

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Again, others are calling on the government to direct universities to extend the closing date for payment of university fees or accept part payment.

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Another section of Ghanaians believe the government is focusing on Senior High School and neglecting the basic school. The need for government to clarify vaccine issues also came up.

22nd National Address Sampled Requests

Below are sampled views and requests captured ahead of the 22nd National Address


Close the schools again, man. Lock the schools again. Please close schools. Mr. President, please close the schools again…


Kindly update the nation on the vaccines. The public needs to know what you know and where Ghana stands.

If he closes school, they will roast him. Do you know the rent, fees, etc university people have gone to pay? But yeah, we should have waited for a little before reopening. The virus is everywhere and there are new variants, etc.

This particular address is very important and key… there is a lot to be sorted out and put to bed, especially issues surrounding the school and related activities. Expectations are high for me.

Please, Mr. President, Help us with school fees maters, we ain’t able to pay fees in full but our university is seeking for ‘no full payment of fees, no registration’.

Give equal attention to the Basic School teachers. Don’t focus only on SHS only because if the foundation(Basic level) is weak, you will be exposed at the SHS level.

Mr. President, please order universities to allow students up to March 2021 to finish paying their first semester fees.

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